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8/6/2013 00:29:10
by Expose the Bad

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Beware / Warning: Pablo Del Toro and U.S. Live Scan Inc.

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Warning: about U.S. Live Scan, Inc. and
Pablo Del Toro / http://uslfingerprinting.com

Beware of this company and Pablo Del Toro in Covina, Ca.
They took our money and provided a service that was littered with mistakes. We paid for a translation service for important documents that need to be certified. We thought no big deal mistakes happen. We called and emailed to have the mistakes corrected. Pablo Del Toro re-sent documents that still had dozens of mistakes. He made no effort to correct his errors.

So at this point my wife and I corrected the mistakes ourselves (because we are bilingual and fluent in Spanish and English and really only need their service for the certification). We re-sent the corrected documents to Pablo Del Toro at U.S. Live Scan, Inc. so he could make the changes for the certified copy. We did the corrections and presented it to him so he wouldn't even have to do the work. At this point He ignored calls and emails to have this resolved. We gave him every opportunity to correct his mistakes with little to no pressure on him at first, so he could uphold his end of our business transaction. He took our money and didn’t provide the service he said he would. Because of these mistakes the documents are not being accepted by the entity we are submitting them to so we now have to have the translation done by another company and spend another $150.

To give you an example of the mistakes on our documents, the phrase "Grade Point Average", pertaining to education and schooling was misinterpreted and the word he used in its place was "Index". So whoever is doing his translations didn't know how to use the correct words in the context of what the document is stating. We did the corrections and he still wouldn't provide us the service that we paid for. When I asked him in writing (email) what he was going to do about the corrections needed he said, and I quote "NOTHING"
Pablo Del Toro at U.S. Live Scan Inc. = Thief
Be very careful when doing business with Pablo Del Toro at U.S. Live Scan, Inc.
I suggest looking for a more honest company and person who cares about the quality of service they provide.
Their Company info is:
U.S. Live Scan Inc.
143 E. Rowland St. Suite 1
Covina, Ca. 91723
[email protected]
626-967-0474 FAX
Warning: Understand you may not get the service you paid for.
If anyone else has similar results I urge you to post everything you can on the Internet to help others avoid getting ripped off.


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