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9/9/2013 08:44:44
by LadyMadonnah

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ArtRave Galleries Sept 2013 "A" Gallery Top Artists Check out their Family Friendly Artworks Print Sales

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ARTISTS: NOW You can sell print products of your art without any upfront costs~!!

Create products online with our virtual editor. Advert6ise Pics of your product on Facebook, Blogs, Clubs, Twitter, other websites.

Buyers pay you direct through Paypal~! Easiest way is if you have an Ebay acct  and or an Etsy acct.

Post a 'virtual' product for auction on Ebay or for  sale at Etsy -  In Description , Include that  item  will arrive  in 7-14 days

Order item from us  &  have it shipped direct to customer.


'Find the Art YOU have been looking for~!..."



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Additional Services Available


Just click any link below.



Read the Forum here as it is unlike others.


  • ArtRave has short easy tutorials and how to do 's that will help you to develop your art business.

  • Fill in your profile with all the art sites you belong to. This will enable viewers to see what you have available online and where to find it.



Use your profile page as your own mini website~!

  • The text boxes allow html & java script.Unlike other sites, here on ArtRave you are allowed and encouraged to
 cross promote all your art sites.

  • Make your art 'stand out' so  viewers will want to 'click' onto your links and check out your art.

  • Provide information so viewers can contact you or if they are interested.

  • Make your art appeal to the public.



Selling Art is very competitive.

  • Viewers are potential buyers.Help viewers to be able to experience your art, feel it, want it~

  • Let them know more about it, so they can then contact you to get it~!


We all need to continually work towards better presentations
 and promotional exposure to the public.


We are unique in many ways among all the online artsites .

  • Your participation is vital to your success online.

     You are in control of your own art~!

  • Selling online is more proactive online than selling in a store or gallery

  • You potentially reach a wider audience online than in a local setting.

  • It is competitive and takes alot of work behind the scenes to get your art to where it belongs~


Advertising Agency Promoters that may try to contact you through ads or email to offer their services for a rather high annual 'fee', most which are very expensive in the long run
 and not affordable on a sustainable basis for you the artist.Banner Ad services generally charge over $100/yr plus monthly pay-per-click fees.


  • ArtRave provides Top 100 Services where you can have banner ad services for only $25/ yr
 and include 'free-per-clicks'~!


 ArtRave has been created to help artists become more successful online.

 We present consolidated information based on our experience, that will help emerging artists to have realistic expectations concerning their art [where to sell, how much to charge, how much to spend, what to expect, how to ship etc] and to avoid some of the many pitfalls others encounter when  trying to establish an online art business.



Validation by Association:

  • Become available to the viewers to be found in search engines.

  • Establish a good online reputation.

  • Be part of a larger group of like minded artists

  • Get noticed by the general public when they visit ArtRave

  • Gain more 'validation by association' by being a member of ArtRave~!


Find out what art is selling for and why and to whom.

  • You may have the most beautiful painting in the world but if people dont see it, how will they know?


You may not know how to price your art.

  • Compare your art  with similar art and see what it has sold for.

  • Don't overprice your art, it will not sell.Dont under-price your art, it may or may not sell regardless to the price.


Almost all promotions can be done FREE ~You just need to know where to go and then with a little effort and YES some
work on your part, you can get known in the search engines and then your chances of showing and selling your art/photography increases in chances, worldwide~



On this site I will share by examples, samples, tutorials, discussions, blogs, pictures, albums and more how you can display your art/photos for maximum exposure and to make them sale ready online~

I will share sites to advertise at, sites to set up shops at, auctions that wont cost you money to list. You can do it Free here but you will have to do the actual work yourself & it will take editing work on your part and registering at the free sites and listing your art where it can be seen. I will show you sites where I have been listing and selling my art and have had sales at already.You can work online free to sell your art just as I have been~!



By following my examples, you can get your art into search engines and onto sites where people will actually see your work and best of all someone may buy some~!


To get started, browse the site and see what areas would be helpful to you with the type of art you wish to sell. As a member you can list in
ArtRave Categories using the 'comments' function and advertise your art for free~ The
ArtRave Categories

List is advertised all over the net! Its your FREE Classified Art Ads!


To be listed in our site Gallery~ to have more than 20  pictures on display, you need to donate or pay upgrade your membership level to cover the costs.

Look to the right side under the login to choose which Gallery level of membership will suite you best. Prices start at $3.95 for  up to 60 pictures in Gallery.-Once you are a Gallery Members you can then go to the
 Art Manager and upload your art & photos for site approval and that will get your art to the Artists Directory~


We have a simple system to establish a personal online Artist ID that is unique to each artist. Using this ID# plus a photo number added to each of your artworks, will help create a reusable inventory for all your online art and can be used on any site you list at~! You will receive an Artist ID# to identify you & your art online. It works for any site you join. The Ning platform has changed and now & is no longer free, I can no longer allow posting of pictures into the Gallery via the +Add Photo links.



These other sites are free to list your art at so you can have a free gallery. As long as those networks remain free to me, they will remain free to you as well. I am not in this for the money.YOU CAN USE THE "ARTRAVE CATEGORIES" [Groups function on the RIGHT SIDE of any of the Site PAGES, to list YOUR Art FREE, into the proper ArtRave CATEGORIES, as advertisements for your Art.These are Group features I have created to HELP BUYERS FIND the Types of Art they are looking for~YOU CAN SELL DIRECTLY TO THE VIEWER, COMMISSION FREE! AS SUCH YOU NEED TO INCLUDE :.






You can also help to support this site, with your donations, or upgrade to a Gallery Membership.

 You might want to check out ~ See the membership levels currently available and choose the membership level right for you :)
FOR PAID SUBSCRIBERS: Once your artwork is approved, you can go back to Art-Manager and set up your albums which will serve as your online Portfolio and will be added automatically to the ArtShow pages for viewers to see and begins your road to promotion and sales~ :) Ave

  • Join ArtRave Free - to become a Promo Member which enables you to have a MyPage and to make comments.

  • Fill in Your 'MyPage" as completely as you can, providing links to any sites you belong to that show and sell prints or originals of your art work or craft.This will serve as your own mini-webpage and advertising platform to list all the places you sell your art at and  how viewers may contact you to purchase your art.

  • - Use the  ArtRave Categories [Classifieds Free] List your Art in its applicable categories.Include a description & contact info with each submission, even if a link to your MyPage~ be sure to give as much info as possible~!!

  • You can promote the Category URL using the Facebook buttons & links shown below. . You can promote your MyPage on Facebook where people can then come to your MyPage to see the info you provided about you other sites.


Register to become a  Gallery Member for as little as $3.95 mo to post up to 60 pics in Gallery and use our easy promo tools  listed in the Forum:

  • Gallery Members can now Post your art using upload tool.

  • Art will be approved for Gallery Members as long as they Art meet TOS requirements.

  • Promo Members  Unfortunately Gallery & Gallery slideshows consume alot of bandwidth which costs ArtRave money to host. Therfore Gallery Membership is a paid upgraded position and only available to paid or subscribed Gallery Members.

  • The Upload tool will accept ALL entries, however, once Promo Members art reaches the approval desk, they will be deleted UNLESS there is an ongoing  posted promotion or a code or coupon to be used by NEW members that specifies 'FREE 20' which is a complimentary Gallery page that holds up to 20 pictures.. 



More ways you can promote your art:


  • You can Buy a Custom-Banner that will be custom made using info you provide and have it linked to your MyPage or any other site you wish,Banners can then be pasted all over the net to bring more viewers to your page. You can use the banner with any commercial banner site or choose a low cost banner ad through ArtRave. Either way once you buy a banner, it is yours and the URL  it directs to can be changed to other sites any time you want.

  • Paid Members can write a blog about your work, be sure to include links to your MyPage~ Blogs require pre-approval and only paid members blogs get approved.

  • ArtRave is to be the hub of your online art activity!! It is where viewers find the info you provide so they can search your art online everywhere & you can showcase it here~!!

  • If you want front page coverage, buy a rolling Banner Ad/Spotlight from ArtRave - While its posted here on ArtRave it is also posted on other sites around the net and will bring viewers to your page or site~!!

  • Buy a unique web searchable Artist ID #for only $10 a year~ This ID gets added to your tags and will improve your presence and ratings in search engines.You will also be listed in the Artists A-Z directory and randomly featured in the letter category based on your screen name~!

  • Post your website in our Mall Directory for only $10 a year~!

  • If you dont have your own website, open a Boutique here on ArtRave and customize it for all your needs. Make your MyPage into your own mini-website~! You can add all the needed  info on it to promote your art~! Help is available.





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