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9/9/2013 20:51:51
by LadyMadonnah

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ARTRAVE.COM ARTISTS on Pinterest ~ Find Good Family Friendly Art & Art Products

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ARTISTS: NOW You can sell print products of your art without any upfront costs~!!

Create products online with our virtual editor. Advert6ise Pics of your product on Facebook, Blogs, Clubs, Twitter, other websites.

Buyers pay you direct through Paypal~! Easiest way is if you have an Ebay acct  and or an Etsy acct.

Post a 'virtual' product for auction on Ebay or for  sale at Etsy -  In Description , Include that  item  will arrive  in 7-14 days

Order item from us  &  have it shipped direct to customer.


A-Z Directory & Gallery

 Click Any Letter above and you will see a Gallery Slideshow of an artist that is within your alphabetical search range and find links to some of the paticipating gallery artists of ArtRave that may meet your search target.


 Visit the ArtRaveSuperCenter


Join me at etsy to sell your art~!





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See other gifts available on Zazzle.







Order this at ArtMajeur







if you want to be listed in this Directory, post your name & link to your pages in the remarks & it will be added .



While many know and use Pinterest proficiently already, I find that its easier with the Pinterest pin right on my toolbar.

I have a Pinterest acct and with it you create "boards"

These can be any topic you like and want others to see.

Then once you have created your board and you come across pages online that you like or want to share  that are in relation to the topic you made for your board, you simply click the Pin icon and a little window opens and you select the picture of the page you are on - some  info will be prefilled  -[Pinterest is amazing] and you can also add to it.

This is a great way to promote just about anything.

You can create endless amounts of boards depending on your interests.

I have created many boards about art and artists and a few other subjects.

Then as you go  your merry way 'pinning' pages  you visit and placing them into the boards you want them in, they simultaneously show on Pinterest Main Page for that pin's 15 mins of fame.

Many others see it and if they too like it they can click on it that they like it or if they want to they can re-pin it to their boards and the page you have pinned is now on its way to going viral~!!

What an excellent way to promote something, huh?

Like items from our gallery, our shops online, others shops online and so on.

What you pin also shows in your facebook [if you allow the app] and also you can conveniently 'tweet' it too as an option appears after you post the pin,

So for a few clicks and a  word or two, you have then successfully promoted whatever it was on the page you pinned~!!


Now first get an acct.Sign up for Pinterest. You might need an invite, so if so let me know and I would have to have your real email addy so I can use their Invite a friend  page to invite you.

They will send you an invite from me and you accept and go join.That simple & free.


Once you have an account you can go to this page


to get a pin installed on your toolbar - its Just a fancy circled "P" - and just click it when on any page you want toQ2promote and instantly you will be there~!!


Find more ArtRave Gallery Artworks like this on ArtRave.com

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Create Your Own Discounted, Quality Art Related Products thru ArtRave SuperCenter. Just click any link:

MousePad , Clock ,Watch , Charm ,Jigsaw Puzzle , USB Flash Drive Shirt ,Mug , Button , Kid ,Case ,Jewelry , Bag ,Magnet , Button , Card

Pink , Green , YellowBlack , Dark , White ,Silver , Key , Heart

ArtRave works best with Google Chrome or FireFox. If Internet Explorer9 sometimes fails, just open ArtRave in another browser ~!


Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He is the 1st and ultimate artist. Anything we can do should honor Him~!JESUS IS THE WAY THE TRUTH & THE LIFE~!

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ArtRave.com was created to promote family friendly artists and to teach artists how they can promote
themselves and their art online.ArtRave.com has had over 52K unique visitors over the passed few years
with over $118K pageviews. its the best place in the world for emerging online artists.

ArtRaveSuperCenter.com was created to provide high quality, low-cost printing & product creation
resource for Artists & photographers who want to sell their art online and sell prints of their art.
It is set up directly with the Manufacturer so that Artists can design and virtually print over
700 differentart products to offer for sale to the public via their Blogs, Facebook, ArtRave clubs &
shops, Etsy, Ebay and other auction sites, direct ad pages in Google and via their own email campaigns .

Artists can stock virtual inventory and order as the item sells and have the Manufacturer ship the
physical product directly to the customer on behalf of the artist.

Artists can also order their own art products for Art Shows, festivals and wherever they wish to sell at.
at prices far below that of the popular print on demand sites.

Using ArtRave SuperCenter, artists don't have to wait to receive royalties since they handle the money
from the beginning of the sale to its completion. The customer pays the artist in full. The artist then
orders the product and has it shipped directly to the customer, unless the artist chooses to have it shipped
to the artist if they want the customer to come to their shop to pick it up or if the artist has any
further details to add to the artwork and to sign it.

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#1 rule: Keep it family friendly & suitable for all ages ~!
Promote,discuss, brag about a sale, all sales are good sales~!

See the 'About' Section or post pinned to the top of the list

You are also invited to Join fellow 'family friendly' artists here & at www.ArtRave.com and post your ArtRave.com Profile, Gallery, Blogs & Category Links Here~! But its up to you



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