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9/24/2013 12:59:24
by Herbert

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Need VS Wants, and the KBI being taken over by the Kansas Highway Patrol.

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The Kansas Bureau of Investigations, in Kansas is out of control. They only require a Degree in anything to work there. Yea, you have an associates degree in poetry and you become a State Investigator. The Attorney General refuses to activate them to investigate complaints. He only excepts complaints filed by Sheriff's and DA's, even if the complaint is about a Sheriff or DA. That is very wrong. How to fix it? Place the KBI under the Kansas Highway Patrol. All the other 49 States use their Highway Patrol for their State Investigators. I advise they also add all the County and City Detectives to the Detective Pool. People would file a complaint through the Highway Patrol, then the Highway Patrol would choose a Detective from the Counties or Cities. They would be on, State Tactical Duty. The Detectives would not answer to the Sheriff or the Chief of Police as the Detectives of said County or City cannot function for the Highway Patrol where they are employeed. Example, if the case/request involves Miami County Kansas, no Detective from Miami County Kansas or any City in Miami County Kansas would be able to do the, State Tactical Detective work for the Kansas Highway Patrol. The Detectives would be from other Counties and Cities. Also, if it orginates in a City Jurisdiction, then a City Detective would look into it for the Highway Patrol. If it originates in a County setting, a County Detective would look into it after being activated by the Highway Patrol. City Police enforce Municipal Code. Couty Deputies Enforce Uniform Code.
Just a thought, Herbert West 3rd.


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