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by LadyMadonnah

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The Artists A-Z places you among the elite ArtRAve Artists Galleries and shop online.

Viewers are linked to your Promo Page on ArtRave where they will view you bio and links to all the sites

You receive your own unique Artist-ID# that you add to your art files and tags online that enable Google

Searchbots to index your work and sites to gather them online making them searchable~!

your work will randomly be placed in slideshows clickable back to your gallery where viewers can

see where to buy your work or how to contact you about your art

This A-Z system grows with you online as you add it to all your new art and it automatically will

cluster your art into search engines~! It is the simplest and best way to help get your art known and

found online. In todays world there are millions of artists online on thousands of art sites which make

being found online tantamount to buying a lottery ticket that has only 1 winner~ You need to have an

Artist ID and number your art to have it reach the top of search engines~!

Another important reason to have your own unique Artist ID# is to separate you and your work from any

other person that has your same name~ The world is a big place and often most names have been repeated

it is possible that there are other artists that have your same name! With your Artist's ID# from ArtRave,

the number will always refer back to your unique promo page that links to your art and your art sites.

Your ArtRave Promo page is always updatable and you are in total control of your page so that you can

make updates at ArtRave, that will reach all the sites, blogs and ads that you have online with one simple post.


Our ArtRave Mall listings are unique and exclusive.

These listings are postable to many sites at once!

While simply getting listed at the ArtRave Mall group site, your link is then advertised along with the mall ads
on blogs, billboard pages, social sites including Facebook, Twitter,StumbleUpon,Tumblr,Squidoo,Netlog,WordPress

other social media sites and random menu ads online~!! So one simple choice you make, enables you to be included

in advertisements that span the entire internet. You will not find any other such form of advertising online anywhere

and the best part, you will be included for a nominal amount of only $10/Year which is unprecedented for advertising

or promotions. Many of these ads stay in place even if you leave ArtRave, since they are posted to many sites outside
 of ArtRave. The majority of the advertising places I reach become permanent ads to whatever sites you have online

Also you can make spot ads of your own where you can simply post links to any of your art and include pictures of your

art on the Mall Group page and are eligible to have a Discussion page built to exclusively show and advertise your


Find more Featured ArtRave Gallery Artworks like this on ArtRave.com


ArtRave has more than 50 clubs designed to stand as Directories that make your pages exclusive and enable viewers to choose

 to go directly to your shops and pages on line. Most sites have 1000s if not 10,000s of artists registered where making

it to there front page is nothing short of impossible or rare. Many sites charge a fee for brief daily ads or links to your

work and when people go looking and shopping on their sites, the site is only interested in selling its products and can

care less which artist's works sell, so you are stuck in queue with hundreds of thousands of pictures, unlikely to be found by

 anyone starting their search on the front page of any random site such as Fine Art America or Zazzle

By joining Clubs on ArtRave, you can post your art into comments that are on the front page of Clubs for as long as you popst there

Your name and link to your shop are placed in the Directory above the comments section, so even if someone we re to post 50 pics

in comments that place your art on the 2nd or 3rd page back, you will still have your name and link on the front page of the club~!

There are so many clubs that link to other websites, you can also use Clubs as a resource of which sites to join that will best

provide promotions for your art, using Clubs as a path to take online to go to list your art and links and record them onto

ArtRave so they will be posted and tagged and keyed into search engines~!



Get Your Banner Ad!

For your website

ArtRave BannerAds are considered among the most affordable permanent ads you as an artist can place online to promote your art~!

We all see banner ads flashing nearly everywhere you go online.There are many banner advertising companies online that make

their money by providing ad services. Most of these charge a minimum annual fee over $100 and then charge per-clicks on the

placed banner ad.The monthly charges can vary to you the artist as the established price per clicks are often $.35-$1 each

that anyone can click on to be brought to your site page.This is a good method to drive traffic to your site, however it is

not guaranteed that the individual viewer will actually buy anything from you just by clicking your link, although Banner Ads

will increase your chances of making sales since they do bring viewers to your site, thus you are charged by traffic, not by sales.

This method of advertising is one of the best online, although its similar in some ways to a lottery in which you participate but

not likely to win the main prize however more like the smaller prizes, you will gain increased traffic.

Utilizing this method of advertising is considered to be one of the best ways to advertise your art, increasing your chances of making

art sales and perhaps get discovered by more artlovers.

With ArtRave's Banner Ads, I will create your banner for you using your own artwork and then link that banner to your ArtRave promo page where

viewers will not be linked merely to one of your sites, but will have instant access to all of your art online~!

You can of course select to promote any particular site. Your banner will be placed into the main promo slideshow ad that instantly is loaded to

ArtRave's main page and instantly included on every other site that the slideshow is posted at online, such as blogs, permalinks and more.


Online billboards are unique to your art. They can be built to host all of the sites you show and sell your art at with links to each

This page for example is a Billboard ad~ This page will remain online, on the internet forever, or as long as I choose to keep the page up

I can use a page like this to build a page for you that is permanent regardless to you remaining on ArtRave or not~!

[although I would hope you remain with ArtRave as you do the internet]


A separate area of adcertising is for both ArtRave members and also Non ArtRave Members. This is an open area of advertising that includes our

Artists friends from social media such as Facebook that maybe internet 'challenged' so that they dont easily navigate from site to site so may limit

their art to single sites, such as Fine Art America, using only their url tools and codes in hope of making sales. They find the internet a bit too

overwhelming as they might be able to feel comfortable on Facebook or even twitter, but steer clear of the deeper waters of online advertising and

promotions for their art even if their expertise in art is at a master artist's level and they may have had brick and mortar shows and competitions

where in person may do extremely well in their field, yet either have difficulty in navigating through websites, OR dont have the time needed in order

to go from site to site and so choose alternatives, ways of advertising that cover more areas simply and quickly

The Top Lists get into areas of search engines that will present themselves to people using search engines for reasons including and not including art.

Search engines provide 10 or more choice sites when a person is looking for specific items. What our banner ad sites do is to get into those searches~!

A person might be looking for a pipe that happens to have the same code a one of our artists ID#s and then stumble across our Top Ad lists and then

out of curiosity click on them. What they see is a list of banners, each more beautiful than the first, each containing short sweet info on art and

then might click on it and be brought to the artist's site~! The Top lists themselves are advertised so when viewrs look for specific types of art,

such as Abstracts, they will see Top 100 Abstract Artists online, click on the link and then see up to 100 Artists banners posted to choose from.

Of these banners, depending on how many 'clicks' they have received, will reposition themselves on the list so that the banners rotate within the list

automatically.Each banner is created from the artist's work so it also provides a quick impression of their art to the viewer, to entice the viewer

to choose their art to view~!

AdList Banner Ads, typically have 'per-click' charges which get billed monthly to artists. ArtRave TopLists DO NOT charge per click~!! We are the only

know banner ad providers online that DO NOT CHARGE per click~!! This saves $1000s in advertising for artists while providing the best in Banner Ads~!

On other Banner Ad sites, you are expected to sign on with annual dues of $100 or more, which covers the advertiser should you not receive clicks and is

payable before any work is done on your behalf. ArtRave's TopLists charge one flat annual subscription fee of only $25 and all clicks are free~!Our Toplists

are also specific to art so you can choose among the types of art we promote. Each list is limited to 100 members so that the search is always short, sweet,

and on topic~!

The smaller the list, the better your chances of gaining new viewers and thus new buyers, so try to join the lists with the least banners and

and you are more likely to receive more viewers, thus more clicks.

ArtRave also offers discounts when joinging more than one list.

MY goal with ArtRave and Toplists is to help artists to promote and sell their art online with the least amount of complications or expense.

I promote any family friendly art, no matter what style of art it is, we let the viewers choose.

ArtRave does not promote any art that is unsuitable for all ages or audiences. That is to say, only art with good positive compositions can participate

We cater to a moral family audience. Our art is viewed by parents and children alike. No nudity, regardless to how well portrayed, is allowed.

No violence or porn or mutilations. No gore or demonic art~! Art may be neutral, spacial, scientific, abstract, realistic, impressionistic and can provide

positive social values but no agendas ~!! All art must be non-offensive based on standards that would be considered by some to be christian-judeo, however

they do not have to be religious as much as creative and beautiful by consensus of what is loosely considered 'normal'~ which is flexible and determined

on indivudual basis for any art submitted. What we are attempting is not to have any censure but to provide art to specific audiences who would otherwise

not view online art out of fear of exposure to anything that might be offensive to them.

EXAMPLE: I once built a site for an artist in Scotland who only did neutral safe art, however wanted to socialize his site and allowed someone to join, who

immediately posted morbid violent porn.Our audience is family friendly and many of my following, clicked on the new site I built to visit and were immediately

shocked and offended when thumbing through that gallery and I received a flood of emails immediately, complaining about that offensive artwork and resigned or

threatened to resign from my promotional newsletters~!!

While I immediately removed the offensive work, the new owner violated the terms of our agreement

and told me he would indeed allow any sort of art on 'his' site~ My only recourse was to resign from further assisting him with the site and to remove his site

from my recommended listings, to protect my audience from exposure to what was considered to be smut.By doing this, his site withered and eventually failed.

I am very serious about promoting decency in art~!I take audience complaints seriously as well. I have a growing larger audience of art viewers and buyers.

Validation by Association with ArtRave works both ways - I can provide you with endless promotions and advertising but in turn, your art becomes a reflection

of ArtRave and ArtRave's good reputation.Reputation is everything online. Its to be protected and promoted and being associated with ArtRave is one of the best

associations you can be part of as an artist~!


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