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1/13/2014 06:22:03
by LadyMadonnah

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Whats Wrong in America Today? + Dont Cut our Military Retirees ~ Cut theGovt waste in politics~!

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While designed to prevent corruption, trusting them to be patriots first, the current elected members in govt morphed over time have become the ruling elite with self imposed expectations of continuing royal benefits for life in exchange for their corrupted incompetent rendition of fairly protecting and serving the people of the USA .

Instead members of the Senate and Congress have established their own financial futures to protect and serve themselves for future generations, while the citizens of America trusted.

Now the stench of incompetency and corruption prevail while they are fleecing the flock of America with their false promises, greed and rhetoric, dragging out their meetings finding ways to continual stall on how to rightly govern our country, enabling foreign interests as well as corporate to steer the nation towards bankruptcy enabling those to rise to power that are burdening the people of the USA and depriving citizens and former military the very rights and services they deserve and are taxed for.

This current government is now operating as a financially blood sucking vampirical hierarchy, syphoning off the wealth of the people thru taxation and unconstitutional legal burdens, to the point that our military members and citizens are suffering as a result.

They point the finger at the poor to take the spotlight off themselves to stir the discontent of the people . The problem isn't the poor. The problem starts in our elected officials and their good ole boy club that has seized powers given them and abuse the system created by our forefathers for their own gain.

New politicians often idealistic and fresh are quickly brought to heel to play the game their way or be discredited and deposed swiftly so as to protect and serve the agenda now running this country. No benefits packages they voted for themselves should exceed those of the citizens they are supposed to serve.

They only rule to force the people to serve them and their greed as even with their puffed up bank accounts, expense accts, staff accounts , medical benefits and retirement packages they fail to do the jobs they were elected to do in the first place and have enabled a shadow government to rule our country while they continue on their merry way in Washington.

Their system and methods of ruling and the corruption of their financial political games have filtered down to state, city and local levels further contaminating and oppressing the citizens and former military members.

Instead of safeguarding our nation, they have created safeguards for themselves that have now fleeced the citizen flock to the extent that our nation is becoming more vulnerable to open take over and losing its status as the #1 world leader.

Its time the citizens rise up, groom new leaders starting as children enter school, to instill patriotism and teaching them the laws and rights of our nation set forth by our founding fathers. Its time to stop imposing agenda based social issues meant to confuse and distract citizens from childhood upwards to become blinded to the world around them and to be self serving within the confines of the new world order of games and the inadequate diversionary education they receive. We are raising a nation of victims to be harvested in the near future by those that in generations passed would have clearly been seen as our enemies, while other nations are gearing up training their children from youth upwards to obey and die for their governments agendas.

Other nations such as China, Russia, Germany, even Pakistan, the ruling classes of the Arab World and others are training their youth in ways once some considered deplorable that are enabling their ruling elite to rise to levels of untapped human power that is leading them into positions for possible future world dominance, a new world order that pretends to be the solution while really being both the cause and the cure and will not benefit mankind but those who manage to seize global power.

This is happening while our youth are born into broken families, training to become oblivious to what's going on around them, encouraged to become lazy, self absorbed and to simply play video games, eat junk foods that weakens their minds and bodies and to take what they want by coercion and other means, even to break laws and burst into violence against one another, liked hungry caged puppies, so they will accept the scraps offered them by government or organized crime seeing little difference in either while seeing both as possible parental figures or saviors, when they are neither.

Our national youth are being groomed in all classes, to believe they have no future and are not even being taught how to positively work to survive to ensure their own futures, to respect life and their liberties or to even effectively protect their own family units as they sell off their children into national debt to foreign powers.

Families have been under attack for many years. Strategically, legalized abortion has murdered off millions of potentially patriotic future citizens from ever having a voice in government, furthering the degeneration of the family unit, while those born are being raised by single parents mostly overburdened financially to the point that they have to rely on the 'system' that is currently in place, to instill whatever core values our children are growing up with, like little packs of dogs, molding them into a pliable work force to serve the agendas of those who are rising to power.

Our culture has been leaning more and more towards a leftist mask of 'liberalized' govt dependencies leading to socialism and less and less of what used to be considered the American dream of self sufficiency and national pride that led the world and aspired many other nations to emulate us, who now want to destroy us and are effectively doing so.

Many other nations who once respected the USA, later envied us , now come into our nation, both legally and illegally using our now muddied liberalized misinterpretations of our national laws against us, to destroy what America one was.

Our children are growing up not embracing the values of the freedoms they were born with by the sacrifices of the previous generations who fought to provide them that enabled them to have what they have today, instead now are turning them more towards rebelling against what is left of the current damaged system, as over taxation is robbing them of their futures.

This is all part of the bigger plan so that from what is left of this broken system which previously protected and preserved the citizens of our nation. It is now being continually challenged and weakened so those once outside can now destroy our nation from within.

The media has gained the strongest position of influence over the entertaiment oriented generation that now exists.

Our rights are continually being stripped away as each new generation comes of age and is blinded to the overall ramifications of its effects on future generations.

They are being trained from youth to not even want to see or participate in any reforms that could ultimately benefit them and our nation as a whole, but rather take the crumbs offered as a bribe such as a student loan or welfare package, to shut them up, while the bulk of the wealth and power within the govt is being taken over by those who actually hate what our nation is supposed to stand for. Wake up America~!

When we see what our military personnel and former personnel are now being deprived while politicians can serve even one term and receive benefits for life, its time for 'change' and time to call the citizenry to action. Its time to participate rather than ignore.

It time to have our voices heard and to put term limits on benefits that politicians can have and not elect them into becoming royal elite which is the real financial back breaker of our nation.

People must start getting involved with what's going on and can't continue to ignore the changes taking place in our nation and in the world. We can no longer expect to rely on others to protect our God given rights! If we choose to ignore them, we will lose them and may not even realize it til they are violated and by then it may be too late to save us.

We must begin somewhere and it seems obvious it has to be in preserving our military and former military members benefits for their service to our nation. Then we have to begin to pay attention to the undermining of our government by incompetence and corruption at all levels. One level cant be excused by another level. All corruption has to be attacked head on and not just the paper tigers they toss out at as like bones to a dog but to look deeper and bring justice back to America at all levels.

The Constitution has to be the basis and the protection we go by and anyone attacking our Constitution has to be stopped no matter what type of scheme they present to challenge it, as there will always be schemers out there in a free society seeking to seize power and fortune.

Removing the temptation to participate in the current form of corrupted government would involve many things, such as carefully monitored elections but more so to remove the incentive for corrupted individuals from seeking election.That is all who seek to serve must first of all be able to prove it is out of love of country and not love of self or other self serving satisfaction as vain glory or greed. Elected officials should be known to their constituents, all of them, and be above reproach. We can not allow those with secret backing and financial where with all become those who govern over us.

We have to impose more checks and balances, in line with the ones our founding fathers had intended and not the loopholes the leftists have deceived us with. People need to participate in town meetings and learn about what's going on not only locally but at every level.No longer can we keep our collective heads in the sand as those who would take our freedoms are at work diligently plotting to destroy our now vulnerable form of government.

All newly proposed laws should be put to the vote.All pay increases to politicians should be subject to review and approval on an annual basis and be lowered when the economy is lower and should only be raised at levels in line with the national average on all employment benefits. The ruling elite are the least in need of additional benefits while the citizens suffer along with the poor who are often to blame for taxation.

Citizens should decide who gets our foreign aid and who doesn't and all policies should have referendums that require the majority of the citizens to approve and when there is not enough interest those plans should not be implemented as they often are during absentee balloting and when our elected officials are not present . There has to be stronger guidelines imposed to protect from the legal loopholes that ultimately undermine our way of life.

To start, lets give our military and military retirees and their dependents what they are entitled to before we go borrowing from other nations to hand it all back out in the form of foreign aid. lets have more accountability and place stronger stipulations on the use of such monies to ensure they are going for humanitarian and democratic agendas and not fueling foreign wars and other corrupt governments.

Lets also stop placing class blame on the paper tigers put out there by the media from the corrupt politicians, which point to blame the poor for what those rich in their political power positions are now doing.


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