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4/30/2014 15:02:32
by LadyMadonnah

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'Major Energy Services' - Promise 40-60% Discount BUT Lie & Rip off Consumers +90% increase utility bills

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Beware of a utility gas service provider named "Major Energy Services"-

They are Energy Bandits~!

They promise you 40-60% utility reduction at sign up but actually increase your bill by 90% hidden behind levelized billing~! 

Here is their Business Name and Addy so you know who they are: and can avoid them !!
Major Energy Services

100 Dutch Hill Rd Ste 230

Orangesburg, NY 10962

Phone 1-888-625-6760 

Here is how they scammed me~!

He was dressed wearing a yellow hard hat and utility belt and some badge, carrying a clip board, when I  answered the knock at my door, the man was staring at the utility pole as if surveying and then introduced himself as a representative of my utility company and that they were updating records and services and had a survey for me to complete. I began answering his questions, although I was a bit puzzled that a hard hat guy would be asking financial questions, however with all the new programs floating about, he was saying that certain individuals in my area were eligible for discounts in their utility bills apart from LIHEAP and that this was all new.

He asked to see my utility bills and my Social Security award letter ,as proof of income to make sure I was 'eligible'.

Upon his filling out a bunch of forms he had on his clipboard, he showed me a place to sign and that it was to agree that he was there and that he certified  me as eligible for future discounts that would amount to 40-60% reduction in my gas and electric bills. He said it would take 1-2 billing cycles before I would see Major Energy appear on the front of the bill  which would still come from Natl Fuel and be administered by them, andf should serve as a verification to me that I had been accepted into their l'ow cost energy program ' that it was administered by Major Energy and involved most of the current  utility companies in Pennsylvania. He said that the original utility would still handle the biling and transmission charges so it will all look the same to me except that I should see a reduction in my bill and would be on a 'levelized billing plan', like I was before only I would see it costing less than before.

It sounded on the 'up and up' so I agreed and referred my elderly neighbors as well.

Comes our long hard winter - Bills are expected to be up anyway so I didnt notice their treachery until now, since their levelized billing was no higher than before.

Then I was called by a relative and told  to look on the back of my  bill. I did and it looked 'normal' to me. what  do I know about all those numbers anyway?

I was then told to get an older bill and compare them, not that I keep them handy,nor ever did comparisons before . So I went into my old files and found and old Natl Fuel bill and compared.

Total SHOCK!  There is a box in lower left side that shows :

Gas Supply Charges ; Major Energy

Commodity : 200 ccf x 0.999900 199.98

Total Gas Supply charges: 199.98

The Delivery Service Charges [were still] National Fuel

So I then got out an old Natl Fuel bill and looked at same box where they were still the

Gas Supply Charges:National Fuel

Commodity : 214 ccf x 0.532960 128.44

Total Gas Supply Charges : 128.44

Delivery Service : National Fuel

Immediately I called up National Fuel and spoke with a representative who then informed me that :

Major Energy was charging me nearly 90% more for my fuel consumption.

She said to call Major Energy to discuss with them and that IF I chose to cancel [she wasnt allowed to tell me to do so but was merely informing me of options I asked her for] That if I were to return to National Fuel that I would be eligble for programs that I can ask them about and they would assist me in signing up for those programs especially since I am disabled and elderly that I would be eligible for assistance with my fuel that is not available to me as long as I am part of Major Energy.

So I called Major Energy customer service and representative was nice, apologetic but said that they have 'no control over field sales reps  promises and cant monitor what they say to get people to sign up~!"

I said I was promised  a 40-60% reduction in my gas bill by their door-to-door customer representative and that I signed the form that said I wanted in on this program to receive their promised discount and that all I had to look for was to see their name on my bill as the supplier to be assured I was in the program to save 40-60% of my fuel bill !!

The  Major Energy representative apologized but said they cannot guarantee prices and that most of their customers receive either a 10% decrease or 10% increase in bills however since my bill was such a huge increase, he was willing to cancel my account so I could be returned to National Fuel. He said it would take 1-2 billing cycles, I told him I was going to contact agencies over how to pay off the bill but that it needed to be adjusted to the right amount and he said that he could npt adjust the bill - which I guess means they are still going to expect me to pay them the .99999000 ccf inflated price gauging rate that have overcharged me this winter !!

I called the Pa Atty Genl office and they are mailing me a consumer complaint form and I suggest everyone else who has been ripped off by  Major Energy to  call the : Pennsylvania Atty Genl  Toll Free Telephone Numbers: 1-800-441-2555 - Bureau of Consumer Protection

Tell them about Major Energy and request a Consumer Complaint Form that they will mail to you.

Fill out the form, make copies of your utility bills showing the price gauged difference in

ccf rates and your bill. 

It is important to stop companies like this that are ripping off consumers all over so contact the Atty Genl today!

ALSO Call Major Energy 1-888-625-6760 ask for Customer Service . Tell them you were promised discounts rather that gauged price increases and CANCEL YOUR SERVICE WITH THEM !! The sooner you do this the sooner your rates will drop to normal ones and you will stop being billed the higher rate!

This will NOT cut off your gas service,  but will return it to 'Natl Fuel' [or  whoever your original provider is] and your rates will go back to their 'normal' rates. [Natl Fuel 0.532 compared to Major energy's .999] If enough consumers do this we may be able to get some of these bills reduced to the right rate instead of having to pay the gauged  bills we now have. I didnt notice how high mine was since I am currently using levelized billing ~ so at this rate I am going to be stuck paying this bill off for months and months to come.

I hope we all join against these 'energy bandits'.  Our bills are high enough without being ripped off on top of them!

Ave Hurley

Johnsonburg, Pa 15845


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