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6/29/2008 13:23:10
by paolaknowsme

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read the statute again Herbert

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I checked into the issue if Rogers or Mitzner would have to attend a police academy again. I tried this time to give you the benifit of the doubt. But just like anything else, you only read what you want. Your right, a newly elected sheriff or a sheriff that has been out of office for over 5 years will have to attend a police academy. But if you had read further KSA 19-801b sub section b also states: (Unless such person has satisfactorily completed such training course within the five years prior to election or appointment, passes a written competency test and firearms proficiency qualification course developed and administered by the Kansas law enforcement training center.) And Since Mitzner and Rogers have not been out of law enforcement for over 5 years, they do not need to go.
So once again you fat bastard, your a fucking idiot. Hey how about that warrant in Missouri, any chance you intend on getting that taken care of?

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