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6/30/2008 02:08:09
by Not A Loon Like Herbie

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Herbie, Herbie, Herbie............

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You're right. Springhill can't be in two different judicial district. It's just wrong. Can't be done. The world would end. Oh crap, seems that Manhattan is in two different districts too. The 2nd and 21st districts. Sucks when you are proven wrong, doesn't it. Joe and Jim don't have to go to the 14 week academy. That's only if they haven't held the "office" of law enforcement officer within the past five years. Come on you dunderhead, read the statutes again. Also, not all cities follow the uniform code. They can, if they adopt by ordinance, the Uniform code for Public Offenses and the Standard Traffic Code for Cities. If not, they have to enforce any city ordinance in Municipal Court. Any others go to District Court. Hey Herbie, did you ever notice that even though Cities may charge for in fine amounts, District Courts charge more in Court Fees? They usually make up any difference. Have a great Zoloft day.


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