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10/7/2008 21:24:19
by Herbert

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New sites and updates. HerbertWest3rd.com

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I never molested anyone, fuck-up. Check the national and state registered offender registery, fuck-up!!! It is at wwwkbi.gov You can also see it at www.Kansas.gov under the KBI link. I have posted 2 new sites. 1. HerbertWest3rd-W-I-Senate-Ks.com and 2.HerbertWest3rd-W-I-Representative-ks.com . People keep posting lies against me. I will be filing on them after the Election. Kelly refuses as well as the rest of the Corrupt County Law Enforcement Administration. I have shown how to look up Sexual Offenders, State and National. I have nothing to hide!!! I have never been charged with a Felony. I have never done time for a Felony. I have never molested my daughter, ever.


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