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8/27/2011 13:27:25
by LadyMadonnah

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Baby Killer : Jason Shu, MD Obstetrician & Gynecologist Male - 39 years experience 1308 Colonial Ct Montoursville, PA 17754

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Jason Shu didnt like the idea I had 5 children & was at his office pregnant with my 6th. He offered me an abortion & tried to tell me that I couldnt have the baby & had more than enough already. I told him the pregnancy was planned & that my youngest was over 10 yrs old & that this was to be my last child.He then said again that I should abort but I refused & then he said I would need amniocentesis as baby could be monogoloid so again I refused & said regardless to my age, that the child could be normal as well & that I would care for it regardless to any possible handicaps based on my age.He then said he needed to do a pap smear, was visibly annoyed with me. I should have left but I agreed to let him do to pap smear, never expecting him to give me what was tantamount to a coat hanger abortion, by piercing deep into my cervix, 'popping' something & causing me to bleed as I arose from his table & continue spotting for the next 18 days.At the 14 day point he did an ultrasound where the screen was darkened & then told me & my husband that I had an 'empty gestational sac' which would turn septic & kill me unless I let him do immediate surgery & that he also wanted to tie my tubes so it would never happen again. I told him I had already eaten breakfast so he said to go home & return 6am the next morning. Instead I went to Cole Mem Hosp in Coudersport to their ER & saw Dr.Kelly who did an ultrasound, showed us our baby but said there looked to be something wrong with the growth of the baby compared to the sac so he placed me on strict bedrest & referred me to Dr. Backes the following Monday. On Sun morning I awoke to very sharp pains & the entire sac with baby came out intact, so I brought it to Dr.Backes, who after examining it said 'something cut off the blood supply 18 days before the baby came out'.. I told him what Dr.Shu did and he agreed sadly that explained why the blood supply had been compromised enough to kuill the baby while letting the sac continue to grow for 2 wks before expulsion. He said however that I did not need a DNC nor did I need to have my tubes tied as Shu had insisted on. Since then I met several other women that had similar experiences with Dr.Shu. I reported him to Soldiers & Sailors Mem Hospital 's administration & told them to look into how many so called 'empty gestational sacs' he operated on each week, since his own nurse told me there were at least 2 a week! Now unless Tioga County had something in the water causing this, Dr.Jason Shu was playing god with women's lives, choosing who should and shouldnt have their babies & he had been getting away with killing babies before & after he killed mine. SSMH dismissed Shu & he left the area. I was shocked to find he is still in the region & still listed as a doctor when he should have lost his license & should be in jail.He is nothing more than a coat hanger abortionist~!


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