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10/22/2011 19:15:28
by LadyMadonnah

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Abstract Art by Paul Scott Malone ~ now on ArtRave.com

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My Bio:...[i.e.background, location, current business or galleries
  Houston, TX, is my hometown, born and reared there, the middle child of two bankers, one of whom, my mother, a weekend painter of roses, the second son. It was a good enough childhood, an acceptable life, though I live now in Glen Rose, TX, up the road a couple of hundred miles from Houston and just south of Fort Worth; and I know now only three people in Houston that I'm aware of. One, my aged father, two, my sister-in-law (my brother, the eldest of my parents' trio of children, is dead of a violent assault), and my eldest nephew. We don't speak much but try our best to be cordial when we have to go to funerals. I hold a BA in journalism from the University of Houston as well as an MFA in creative writing and contemporary literature from The University of Arizona. I have worked as a hamburger flipper, a newspaper journalist, taught literature and writing at colleges and universities, published three books of fiction, toiled as a literary critic for The Dallas Morning News and other publications, published poems and essays, served as a Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts, won a lot of prizes and other such honors that didn't pay much, exhibited my paintings in Texas and Arizona and Illinois and at an excellent New York City gallery, lived in nine states from Arizona to Connecticut (I came back to Texas about a year ago), and I served in the Army during the Vietnam war. Now I make abstract oil paintings and I draw as much as possible, but I'm also an Adjunct Professor of literature and writing at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX, about thirty miles from Glen Rose. I live here, in Glen Rose, population about 1,500, with my two dogs and my books and my mind's own way of seeing things, amid furniture and most everything else domestic borrowed from friends or purchased at garage sales soon after I arrived, on the banks of the short and narrow Paluxy River, in an old one bedroom trailer house near the courthouse square, mostly because my best friends of thirty-two years own a small ranch about ten miles out of town. I like to walk the dogs around the square. I like the beautiful river that flows right through the center of town. It's easy to have a life here; it's easy to work. Sleep well at night.

My Art History: [ education/self taught, preferred mediums, preferred styles of art(landscapes/portraits/abstract etc)
  I studied art, drawing and transparent watercolor, twelve credit hours, at a small college in Illinois while I lived there for five years in the late 90s. My mother helped a little with my training when I was a kid. Otherwise I've taught myself how to follow my preferred trade by practice and trial and error along with heaps of tenacity. Mostly I make abstract oil paintings but I also draw pencil portraits and use acrylic paints on raw unstretched canvas in the wet into wet method. Pastels and watercolors also fill my dusty, paint-smeared storage cabinets.

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  I think I am on Twitter via Linkedin. That's a mystery to me. Facebook is the only other one I'm on and I would guess the kine is www.facebook.com/paulscottmalone. My sites (i have two) on Facebook were originally set up as fine art sites but in three years only one person has ever even broached the subject on my site, so I put pictures of my dogs on there along with a pix of some paintings and I haven't looked at either one in about three months. As an art site it was a waste of time, at least the way I did it, and I'm not much into creating a huge body of "friends." At least not friends I much care to be in constant contact with.
I have too much work to do.:))

If interested in any of my art or commissioning a piece, you may email me at : Paul Scott Malone
[email protected]


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