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1/4/2012 11:30:39
by Sick of you

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Herb shut up

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No where in the paper or news did it call this young man retarded. You are an idiot! And were you there? Do you know what happened? Did you read the article?
Herb, you want to be Sheriff, yet you have no law enforcement experience. You have NEVER put your life on the line for anyone. You have not gone thru months of training to become a certified LEO.
You have never had someone point a gun at you, charge you wanting to hurt you!
So dumb dumb baby until you have walked in their shoes, shut your pie hole.
I would venture to say you have probably never worked on an ambulance, in an ER. You have never pulled someone out of a mangled car trying to save their life. Worked feverishly trying to revive a baby & your partner console the parents, work on Grandpa & pray the monitor will show you something.
Again, shut up! You are a drain on society. Go collect your SSDI or what ever it is you collect & leave things to the professionals, the people that have agreed to put their life on the line, even for the likes of you!!


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