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1/4/2012 15:36:46
by Gemma

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Herbie, you just don't know....

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Ok you ignorant SOB, so *now* you're going to go on an all-out tirade and vendetta against all riders&poker runs??? Dice runs, etc? Gimme an F'n break, here. You have the nerve to criticize what good, hard working people do to help raise money for somebody in need? You really best watch it, boy. You're starting to tread where you just don't belong for several reasons; #1, you don't know shit about riders, charity, bikers, etc; #2, you REALLY don't know shit about the concept of extending a helping hand to someone in need...I could go on but I will not. It'd be really tough to cut loose a buck or two from the $ that MYSELF AND OTHER FULLY EMPLOYED PEOPLE pay to feed and house YOUR stupid ugly mean-spirited lazy ass for the benefit of another, would it not? I for one am SO so sick and tired of you and your ilk, sitting on your ass day after day doing NOTHING constructive, sucking off the taxpayer dollar, and never even offering a fuckin' thank you to those whose hard-earned dollars ALLOW you to sit on that ass of yours in the FIRST fuckin' place. You're a joke. Why don't you just get a damn job, NOT chase this idiotic pipe dream of yours of becoming sheriff??? You're illiterate, half your shit is misspelled and gramatically incorrect, you are mean and nasty to people (from the safety of your keyboard) and call names and make totally bogus accusations...*not* exactly electable material.
Here's an idea, why don't you go back to inventing shit like deep-fried pancake sandwiches or whatever the fuck that nasty sounding shit you used to post about on here?? Geez louise.


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