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1/5/2012 11:18:18
by Gemma

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I'm going to type really slowly...

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I'm going to type really slow HerbieAss so maybe you'll understand. The reason behind fund raising, raffles etc in situations where somebody has been injured or is in need of medical help, etc is to raise funds for the family to use for a variety of purposes, everything from fuel to get to wherever their loved one is in the hospital (if applicable), co-pays for medicine, etc. In short-whatever the F they need it for. And so who the hell are you to try and say that if a rider ponies up 25 bucks or however much it is to take part in a poker or dice run to donate to a cause is a bad thing, anyway??? And most all the time whomever happens to win the pot at the end of the day donates their entire winnings back to the family, maybe minus a few bucks for fuel, anyway! You're such a dumbass, if raffles and such are illegal, as you try to say-then tell me oh great wise one, how the hell are they happening nearly every single weekend in good (and sometimes bad) weather, all over the freakin' country?? Hmm? Pull your head out of your ass. That last vomiting diatribe of yours was so very appropriate for a public official-NOT, bahahahaaaaaa!


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