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1/5/2012 15:46:19
by Gemma

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Herb, Herb, Herb...

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Ok Herb here goes; slowwwlllyyyy...read your own last damn post; then please try to understand-NO ONE IS POCKETING ANY 3-SOME THOUSAND DOLLARS, YOU MORON!! That money is being used toward necessities *for* somebody who is stricken ill! Good god are you being obtuse on purpose or are you really just that dense? And the over-reaching bigger point; POKER RUNS, DICE RUNS, CHARITABLE FUND RAISING GET-TOGETHERS ARE NOT, I REPEAT ARE NOT ILLEGAL!!!! Dumbass. And yet one more point; it just is not ANY of your business, what I or anyone else chooses to do with money we work for!!!! If I want to give some to someone in need, that's MY concern, it sure as hell is not YOURS!! Ahhhh, the lightbulb just popped on...you're just JEALOUS because nobody has done a dice run to raise $$ for the county goatfucker, right?? Am I right?? I bet I am!


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