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1/12/2012 13:27:26
by bertina6

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Steven Mitchell/ Mobile Auto Body / Ace Auto / Ace Roofing

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Steven Mitchell Ace Mobile Auto Body & Repair, is a scam artist. He has ripped off consumers in Atlanta, GA area and Texas for years in automotive & roofing. He uses Craigslist, and approaches victims. His wife works with him.

Information gathered so far.

Steven Mitchell, aka Kellye, David
wife, Anna, Annie
Ace Auto Body Work & Repairs
Mobile Auto body
Ace Roofing
[email protected]
tag # BGS6144

Below are a few complaints...

I was approached by a Hispanic man in a pick up truck with a Hispanic woman and baby. He said his name was Kellye. He said that he could repair the minor dents on my car for a particular price if I agreed at that moment. Of course I said no. The price was ridiculously low. He gave me a business card that says Mobile Auto Body, We come to YOU ~ All Work Guaranteed, Free Estimates, Same Day Service, 30% to 40% less than body shop prices. Call David @ 404-910-6122. This happened no where near this Georgia area code. Kellye said I could call him on his cell, 214-514-2945. I'm so sorry you were scammed. Maybe this new cell number will help.

I paid him $600 to repair dents, scratches, paint vehicle, and order parts. The first day he got a couple of dents out, and stated he needed to get additional parts. He returned the following day to complete work. He stated the car needed to dry for 48 hours and he'd return to clean up, and another part he ordered should be in by that time. He went on & on about how much money he saved me. I then paid him, believing he just needed to clean up & snap a part on. He'll say he accepts checks. Then he'll call stating he's at the bank and the bank won't cash the check due to some lie he'll make up, like, "a number was written over twice & this is good, to protect you." That's part of his game to return for cash & not leave a paper trail. He also acts like a good Christian. Stating he preaches on 1010 am radio weekend mornings. What a crook!
I never heard from him again, nor has he returned any of my phone calls. I went to a car wash & detail. It took them over 2 hours to clean the car & cost me $30. That's when I saw the messy paint job. It doesn’t even match the original paint. They spent 45 minutes removing masking tape off headlights. Also took the car to two paint experts. They stated he used non-matching aerosol. It's going to cost me $400 to clean up his whack paint job. Plus, $100 for the part I never got.
After two weeks of leaving him voice messages, he or his wife sent me nasty text messages to “kiss” their “ass,” that I “didn’t pay” him, and that I “wrote him a bad check and the bank will say so too.” I’ve never come across such a low-life rotten piece of crap!

This is a one-man company (Steve/n Mitchell at 678-488-4771) in and around Atlanta, GA. He will come to your house and smile in your face and show you his bag of tricks (a book with discount car parts). He will (MAY) tell you he used to have a roofing business. He DID! And he left a trail of ripped-off, damaged.

I called ACE AUTO BODY REPAIRS at 678-488-4771 and a person named Steve came to my house to do some work. I made a deal with him to repair some dents and put on a bumper and a headlight for $500.00. He did some incomplete repairs to the dents, but did not put on the bumper or the headlight. Additional parts were needed for my job and other things he agreed to do to the car. He told me he would finish the job and get the parts if I paid him the full price we arranged (though he DID NOT finish his repairs or put on my parts). I paid him the $500.00.
I've since learned that ALL of the "work" he did was done incorrectly and I have to get everything redone. I was also told that what he did was GROSSLY incorrect. He has stiffed me for $500.00 PLUS added expenses to clean up his mess!!! NOW I could probably find a leprechaun before I got a hold of him on the phone!! He rips you off and DODGES YOU!!!

This guy has been the worst and most dishonest contractors of all time. After spending close to 9k on a new roof (to stop a leak) that his "experienced" crew put on, the roof still leaked and I just found out from my insurance adjuster that is one of the most incompetent jobs he has ever seen. Lowlights include : NO flashing (or old flashing nailed in that had split), Toe Nails still left on the roof causing leakage, deadpocket areas shingled instead of rubber roof to deal with sitting water, broken vents where they were keeping their balance, shingles installed incorrectly in the valleys..
To top it all off my 20 year warrenty (not that I would let this guy EVER touch my roof again) is a joke since one cannot get into contact with him. I also found out that he has taken the name of a very reputable company, Ace Roofing located (not sure where), and has used their adds and their business cards with their address. I just spent $1,600 bucks cleaning up his mess and I still am very concerened about damage they caused which I cannot see..
Do not ever use this guy!!!!!!!!!!

contracted with Steven Mitchell of Ace Concrete and Roofing to replace the concrete parking pad in the back of my residence. The parking pad is surrounded by a vintage 1920 parking structure and elevated planter boxes. Not a difficult project but somewhat labor intensive. MY PROJECT WAS A DISASTER!
I soon learned that the "experienced" crew he boasted was unskilled laborers he picked up in the Home Depot parking lot every work day. The removal of the my concrete parking pad required the use of a small tractor. During the course of the concrete removal, his unskilled crew destroyed a vintage planter box attached to my garage.
Another red flag was when Steven Mitchell suggested I not be near my residence the day the concrete was to be installed due to the "toxicity" in the air when concrete is poured. I showed up and found that none of the rebar that was to be installed was there. HE WAS GOING TO POUR CONCRETE WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT. Of course it was in his contact that rebar was to be installed.
The warranty on his work is useless. Steven Mitchell never returns phone calls when called for repairs on his work. He never completed my job and I continue to have drainage issues from his lack of skill in doing my project.
If any of the services Steven Mitchell represents are being considered by you, I highly recommend that you place your hand over your wallet and run. I just wished that I had been warned about this horrible contractor before I ever saw his face. There are reputable people in the concrete industry. He is not one of them!


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