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1/19/2012 14:33:50
by Herbert

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How are these funds legal?

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File: [5184-3]SW01SB_201201 Brownback Campaign report.pdf

File: [5184-4]SW02DS_201201 Schmidt.pdf

File: [5184-5]SW04KK_201201 Kobach.pdf

File: [5184-1]brownbacks-campaign-raised-247k-2011[1]

File: [5184-2]Kan-governors-campaign-raised-247K-in-2011[1]

All campaign funds in Kansas follow an election cycle with limits during each cycle. As a candidate for Sheriff, i can collect up to $500.00 from each person in the Primary and $500.00 from each person in the General Election Cycle. Each cycle is for one years election. If my campaign is in debt after the end of the election I can keep it open to raise funds to get it out of debt. After it is out of debt, I must close the campaign out. The State levels of contributions are $2,000.00 per primary and $2,000.00 per general election. Yet Governor Brownback, Attorney General Schmidt and Secretary of State Kobach, still raised funds after the 2010 General Election while the campaigns were not in debt. What election cycle did they claim these funds in? And Governor Brownback collected funds and did not disclose the occupation of the contributors over $150.00 as required by Kansas Law. See the attached links/files.

Herbert West 3rd, Former Candidate for KS Governor 2009-2010.


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