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1/24/2012 23:32:47
by completely amazed

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Back at Anthony J

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Anthony J, wow so you THINK you know who is guilty for taking down poor Bob Ward's poster signs? The man who LIES, is NOT a leader, who wants to make himself look great by saying "HE" will make all these changes in the Sheriff's Office YET they already exist! Bob Ward would NOT make a good Sheriff. If he is so well known and liked why does it really matter to you if posters are missing? Sounds to me like you are a little worried Bob won't have a chance! POINT your finger in the right direction, it gets OLD when all you do is blame Matt or Sheriff Kelly for everything trying to make Bob look good. Try checking with the businesses and ask them if they pulled down the signs....NOW that is a thought! Frank Kelly is so well liked and I know Bob doesn't stand a chance. You will see in time. Instead of wasting your time on here why don't you go door to door for Bob and try to see if people want to listen to your crap. You are boring ..........


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