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1/27/2012 18:15:44
by AnthonyJ

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To Completly Amazed

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Mr. Amazed, I am completly amazed how stupid people, like you, can be when they defend a low life like Frank Kelly. For your information, I have known Frank for 20 years and have been to his house for dinner many times. I knew him when he worked for Lenexa and Paola. I have seen what he did to his wife after getting drunk and beating her after she confronted him about his cheating. Why do you think his house went into forecloser. The man makes 70 grand a year. I know why, he was spending his money on his girlfriend. I have had to hear him claim how easy his job is because he just lets his under sheriff do all the work. I have seen how he got his kids out of trouble when they were caught with drugs and alcohol. And if anyone believes Matt and Kyle just got into trouble in Miami County they are wrong. Matt was picked up several times in Johnson County for stealing beer. Then here came Frank and smoothed things over. Frank is a piece of work. He has been a coward since he was young and that's why you never see him when things go bad.

As for Bob Ward, I only met him in passing once or twice. So I don't know much about him. But when I see his posters are being stolen in a city that allows Matt to be a police officer, it doesn't take a genius to know what is going on. The talk of the town is that Matt or his friends are stealing these posters. Awfully funny when Matt goes into a Restaurant, a posters comes up missing.

And for you Mr. West, please seek mental help. All I ever see from you is accusations. You never give any proof of anything and for someone who wants to be sheriff, you should know evidence is what is needed to make people believe you.


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