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1/30/2012 13:08:03
by Herbert

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How to get evidence Sheriff Kelly hides?

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I quess amazed has the evidence. They are to much of a coward to reviel their name or the evidence. At least I keep everyone updated. I also am including a fax I sent to Caseys General Store. Francine is stealing from the bike runs and fundraisers. 1/3 of the funds are skimmed as a Not for Profit. The kicker, they are not licensed so they steal 1/2. She supports Sgt. Cornelius, who I feel is the Sgt. that shot the retarded kid, because of his illegal fundraisers with her. They give Sheriff Kelly campaign contributions from these illegal activities. He refuses to investigate because of this. A lot of illegal activity happens here. It is all buried in The United Way, The Eagles Lodge, Darrels Last Resort and other illegal groups.


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