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2/8/2012 17:02:06
by Herbert

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Miami County Commissioner Stiles is a thief. He is giving credit for my EMS structure to Chief Jenkins. I listed an EMS structure in my 2008 bid for Sheriff. I also listed it in my bid for KS Governor. Basically, the Volunteer Fire Fighters would be getting paid and doing 12 hour shifts. I am tired of the current EMS getting paid to sleep. Now Chief Jenkins is stating, "He developed the Volunteer Fire Fighter program in regards to the EMS overhaul". Bull Shit!!! The County Commissioners also have allowed Sheriff Kelly to steal from my campaign and use my strategy's for his campaign and current Sheriff's Office functions. I will be starting my own Not for Profit EMS and opening my own Not for Profit businesses to fund it. A Private EMS can bury these assholes! I will stay in touch. Everything I ever post I send to the FBI Field Offices Nationally. I will be filing suit.

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County KS Sheriff, 2012.


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