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2/8/2012 17:48:46
by MICO Citizen

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You were still in the wrong dumb dumb

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I remember you bitching about this years ago and again your bringing this crap up again. The sign is clear goat fucker, you can't make a left turn at that intersection. The sign should have been a fucking clue. Get the fuck over it.

Also, you claim your a candidate for sheriff. I checked and the county doesn't have you down as filing yet. You have yet to pay the fee or obtain the signatures. So are you looking for write in votes. And again, simply by placing your name as treasure doesn't make you a candidate. I called Topeka and they agreed, you must pay the fee or obtain the signatures in order for you to be an official candidate.

So what is your plans goat fucker. Are you going to pay the fee or obtain the signatures?

TO MIKE HUNT, that movie was the funniest shit I have ever seen. Keep them coming.


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