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2/15/2012 16:29:37
by MICO Citizen

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Other reason why Adolf Dumb Dumb wants to be sheriff

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Herbert is a know sexual predator. Mostly to farm animals but he does like the human stuff from time to time. As sheriff, he can be someone prison bitch. So he wants to meet the guys in cell block C. Herbert loves the Sodemy and would trade his sexual favors for extra pudding.
We have all known that Herbert likes the little girls and goats, but this in truely the reason why he wants to be sheriff.

Also, I am the True Owner of Marketing Matters. I have used the math that Herbert used that makes him the true sheriff of Miami County and I have found that I am the true owner. I am know seeking partners of Marketing Matters. And together we can sell the 15 Trillion Dollars in Tax Incentives that come with the company. I will begin to have pens and stationary with logo printed on them and will be passing them out around Miami County.

Sorry Adolf Dumb Dumb, you are not invited to be a partner.


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