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3/31/2012 17:47:35
by Herbert

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File: [5245-1]Ethics Commission - View Submitted Forms & Reports.url

File: [5245-2]The Hutchinson News Governor's campaign raised $247K in 2011.url

File: [5245-3]025_041_0053a_k[1]

Governor Brownback, KS, Attorney General Schmidt, KS, Secretary of State Kopbach, KS, and KS State Treasurer, KS all Republicans collected campaign funds during Legislative Session in 2011 illegally. See KSA 21-4143. The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission website removed the 2011 Incumbent filing reports. These four republicans BRIBED the Republican Party with funds and paid for the 2011 Presidental Caucus. See the pdf files above. Herbert West 3rd. No one can collect funds unless their campaign is in debt, after an election has a declared winner. The FBI r4efused to investigate. Herbert West 3rd.


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