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4/11/2012 12:52:24
by Herbert

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Mike Hunt????????????

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If he, George Zimmerman, comments on my website google will be able to locate how he posted and from where. I already stated to him, "I feel he is guilty". What did I do wrong? I am trying to help locate him. Again, Google can do this if he comments. Even if it is later. It can be used for evidence later. I won't get the info, Google will be given a supeana later for the comment if he posts one. I am not trying to gain, jack shit. I am trying to help locate him for future corospondence's with the Prosecutor as she gathers evidence. Again, Google won't tell me the info. They can look at anyone who posts on my website as it is the property of Google used by me, per their, Terms Of Service. Again, where am I gaining jack shit??????? I asked him, "Will he pay taxes on the money he gets"? "What State is he currently in"? "What address is he using for his pay pal account"? Where is this gaining me anything?????????? Again, since when do you agree with jack shit I have said or done???? Have a nice day, fuck up!!!!!


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