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4/11/2012 20:25:55
by MICO Citizen

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Herbert West for Sheriff

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Are you looking for a sheriff who will arrest anyone who disagree's with him.
Are you looking for a sheriff who will make claims of corruption without evidence.

Well Citizens of Miami County, Your hero is here.

HERBERT (DUMB DUMB) West the 3rd wants your votes.

He intends to do no campaining, intends on cursing at people and he intends to issue warrants contrary to the U.S. constitution.

He is experienced in Goat Rapping, Huffing Gas and Paint at Hillsdale Lake, Stalking former tenents of his lover and milking the tax payer for disability insurance.

Herbert West is a man on a mission to violate those who he believes is involved in corruption although he will have no evidence. Herbert believes the court and its judges will take his word and if they don't he will accuse them of corruption.

This year, vote for a man who hasn't bathed in months.

HERBERT WEST 3RD FOR SHERIFF. A man who wears tin foil hats.

Brought to you by Marketing Matters. GOD HELP US!


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