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4/22/2012 16:08:15
by Herbert

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Governor Brownback is Obama's patcy.

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In 2010, Obama refused to come to Kansas and endorse/support Se. Tom Holland-D. He traveled and visited/endorsed evey other States Democratic Candidate for Governor, yet refused to come to Kansas endorsing Brownback. Now Brownback is using Obamacare after the State of Kansas files suit against Obamacare. SRS was targeted illegally. Medicaid was targeted illegally. Brownback is a treasonist against Kansas and America and its people. So is Obama!!!!!! Go to www.cjonline.com and read, "Gov: Ks not laying Obamacare foundation". He is full of shit!!!!!! Herbert West 3rd. Former Candidate for KS Governor 2009-2010. http://herbertwestiiicandidateforksgovernor.blogspot.com/


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