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4/26/2012 01:23:54
by MICO Citizen

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No longer supporting Mr. West

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We here at Marketing Matters (a Gazillion Dollar Tax Incentive Company) have been advised that Mr. West is not really a candidate of sheriff; therefore we are pulling any help for him hence forth.

Also, we cannot in good conscious support a person with a drug habit that includes huffing gas at Hillsdale Lake and in Johnson County. We also cannot support a person with a habit of paying prostitutes in Kansas City then beating them when they demand payment.

For those of you who sent money, we are unable to refund any donations but should speak to Mr. Dumb Dumb himself. We are sorry for not knowing that Mr. Goat Spanker was not even on the ballot due to he has yet to pay the filing fee or obtained the signatures required to be placed on the ballot. As it stands, if the election was held on Thursday, Mr. Tinfoil hat would not be on the ballot.

Again, Dumb Dumb has shown he cannot be trusted and we may be better off with a crook like Kelly in Office. After all, he's more experienced at being morally corrupt.


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