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4/29/2012 22:08:46
by Mike Hunt

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Who wil the fat fuck claim I am next

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I have been related to Lamar hunt, he claimed I was one of the Kelly clan god so many different people I can't keep them straight and now Johnny dare. Who will I be next the fairy fucking godmother? Why don't you quit sucking old men's dicks, huffing gas and raping little girls and realize we just love to piss you off? So how is it going in the nursing home? How many nurses have you put on review? I bet they are trembling in fear! not because your a threat but because you may shit your pants and they have to wipe your massive ass... Why don't you go do something to benefit humanity I don't know something like move to Siberia and sease communication with the outside world. Your blubber should keep you warm pansy!


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