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5/16/2012 02:01:55
by MICO Citizen

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So now what is going to happen Dumb Dumb?

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First, who is Zacharia's post name on here. And second, are you going to put him "ON REVIEW".

And what ever happened to all those people you put "ON REVIEW"

And I have also been consulting my crystal ball and have seen that before the month is over, you will be backing out of the sheriff's race. I have seen that you have yet to pay the fee to be put on the ballot and have not recieved any signatures to be placed on the ballot. And my crystal ball has you blaming your bullshit medical problems as the reason why you are going to back out.

And those nurses at the medical lodge your at in Olathe have done nothing but laughed at your rantings.

So please goat stalker, will you just go away as you have said you would oh so many times.


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