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5/24/2012 19:44:57
by MICO Citizen

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Stop embarrassing yourself dumb dumb.

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You say youíre a candidate for sheriff. But you never filed the paperwork to officially be placed on the ballot. No Signatures and no fee paid to the county clerk. Just your intention to run. Now you claiming you will be a write in candidate. Are you out campaigning? Are you shaking hands? Where will you be so that the public can meet you? Or are you just going call people names and threaten to kick their ass? Your only campaigning on this website and there is very few people who read this site.

And why do you keep placing that link to your other website. It hasnít been updated in nearly a year. Your last entry was from July 2011. And then it only has your rantings about corruption for us to read. Nothing about what you intend to do about making the department better. So stop putting that up if it doesnít have anything else worthwhile to read.

Oh sure, you may get about 50 write in votes but thatís because those people are as nuts are you are. And Iím sure you will claim those 50 votes won you the election like you said you won last time.

If you thought you won in 2008, why didnít you file a lawsuit claiming what was yours? Itís because no attorney would take your gas huffing logic seriously. Stop embarrassing yourself by even thinking you have a chance to win any election.

By the way, Iím selling Marketing Matters to an advertising company in Kansas City for 50 dollars. Just thought you should know that your Gabillion dollar tax incentive company now has a new owner.

Herbert West 3rd. Not really a candidate for Miami County Sheriff 2012


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