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5/24/2012 20:14:40
by Herbert

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MICO DUMBASS Citizen!!!!!

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You can not read?????????????????? 1. I am doing a petition to be on the general election as a candidate, not a, "Write In"!!!!! 2. If you would read in my website, when you fill out a "Appoiuntment of Treasurer Form" your a candidate!!!! I acknowledge the June 1st deadline, you dumbass!!!!! I have until August 6Th to trun in the petition to be in the general election on the Independent Ticket. Independents don't run in the Primary. 3. I will be coming home June 1st and then i will be out meeting people. 4. I updated the website this whole week. read at the top of the webpage, dumbass!!!! 5. I will fix the department when I make Sheriff. Why would I disclose the problems in full and show how to fix it so Kelly can bury it and sabatoge the rights of the citizens of Miami County to get a proper Sheriff???? 6. If Kelly continues committing Felonies, then yea, his votes by law are Dead Votes and can not copunt. Who ever has the most votes after that, legally won. 7. My Company is Registered with the I.R.S.!! From there, FUCK OFF, MICO Citizen!!!!! Herbert west 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff.


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