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6/7/2012 02:19:12
by MICO Citizen

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Our tax dollars at work.

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Do you remember Matt Kelly? If not, he was the pride of Louisburg PD a few years ago. That was when Matt, AKA Miami County Baby Banger, was seen in many photos with alcohol or flashing gang signs. Well he hasn't learned anything during these years. Yes, even after he had Dad take a few on the chin while under Chief Anderson desk, Matt seems to think he's still in high school.

I was in Louisburg today and saw Matt at the gas station next to Burger King. Yes, Matt and his friends were taking pictures, dancing and laughing. This took place for several minutes. Long enough for me to see another of Frank's finest leave the gas station next to McDonalds and come join the fun. The deputy assigned to the Louisburg area pulled up and joined the party.

After the owner shut off the lights to the parking lot what do you think happened next. Law enforcement went on patrol? No. I saw the deputy, Matt and the rest of the Breakfast club leave the parking lot and pull into the bank across from Price Chopper. But wait, there’s more. It seems the deputy was in such a hurry to protect the bank; he blew through the red light to get to the bank first. Well I commend deputy tenacious for his quick response.

After about 20 minutes, I had to leave because unlike Matt and Deputy lead foot, I had things to do. So I thought to myself, should I file a complaint with the sheriff's department and Louisburg PD. Then it came to me that Frank would just promote the deputy. After all, if frank thinks having sex in cemeteries is fine, surely blowing red lights and mingling surely should lead to the deputy being promoted.

As for Louisburg PD, well Chief Anderson is a joke. He won't discipline Matt because Frank won't allow him to. So People of Louisburg and Miami County. If your car is damaged or stolen or if you observed any crimes between the hours of 1015 pm and 1100 pm. Rest assure, your local law enforcement was standing ready to do battle with anyone who dared to rob the bank there across from Price Chopper.


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