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6/25/2012 01:35:11
by MICO Citizen

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If you are looking for the support of a person, you would want that person to be honest, fair and (in Smail's case) Smart. I have talked to Smail a few times and, WOW, no wonder Poore runs the department. And yes, he does have something to do with those losers. HE'S ASKING FOR THEIR SUPPORT!!!!!!!. Man, you just made Smail look like a freakin genius.

As for Marcia and Bob, what did you say to them when they were saying Frank wasn't running? Oh, that's right, you’re a Frank supporter and most likely afraid of confrontation like Kelly. Frank runs from confrontation. He can't even be bothered to come back from Independence, Mo visiting his girlfriend when he's told his Sgt. was being shot at. And lets just hope he wasn’t in a cemetery with another teenage girl. Plus he refused to answer questions about his burglar kid.

And in 2006, he wouldn’t even talk to me about why his son Matt was released from a party where everyone had been drinking but my son and his friends were all given court dates. I called his office and went by many times. But he was either too busy or not in when I arrived. And not being at the office was almost an everyday thing
Then When I talk to Sgt. Cornelius who let Matt leave, he says he let him go because Matt wasn't drinking. And we all know that was bull shit. . My kid excepted is punishment but Matt slithered away and is now a joke in Louisburg
So save the crap about how great Frank is. He’s a slug and to those who really know him, he shouldn’t be in law enforcement anyway. He has a great smile but behind that smile he’s thinking how he has most of the citizens of Miami County fooled.


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