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7/20/2012 00:37:39
by mico deputy

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Our Lying fearless leader

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I loved how our leader bullshitted the citizens Tuesday night. How he's committed to them. How their safety is his concern. But all I hear at the station from him and Wayne is how he's going to decorate his new office when the new jail is built. Or how we have been told to only serve our papers and not wast time with investigating crimes. I have been looking for a new job and, if this background goes well, I will be quiting soon. I have had enough of Kelly's crap. IF the people only knew what other lies this fucker said, it would make their head roll.

Also, I'm happy I rent because I couldn't stand seeing another of his yard signs again. My landlord is a democrat and won't allow me to place a sign in the yard.

Early and Fisher have done just about anything they can to try and intimidate us by saying Kelly needs our vote. So to those who think Frank is this great guy, you just don't know.


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