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7/27/2012 02:02:41
by RollinCode03

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Bob has many great ideas for the sheriff's office, We just need to get Frank out! And it's funny every year come election time is when you see kelly out speaking to the public and going to events held around the county, Any other time he's sleeping in cemetary's or too busy away from the office during Business hours at his girlfriends house. This rat needs to be flushed out and an individual with Integrity needs to be placed in office for the protection of the Miami county citizens. Franks now made it a requirement anyone being a deputy and employed by the MICO Sheriff's dept has to have a "Vote Frank Kelly Sign" In their yard. Parents of a Miami county deputy had a Sign in their yard for bob ward and this deputy was pulled into the office and told to call his parents and tell them to remove the signs.. Where's the Integrity in that? Shouldn't you be able to vote for who ever you please reguardless of who your employed by without worrying about your job being put on the line? We need a new chapter to start for the Miami County Sheriff's office, Someone who will use all resources to their ability such as starting new Educational events to the public and our youth such as D.A.R.E and to begin another Explorer post, The previous years their were some bad apples in the post this we've seen but those who stuck around and when it came to having public events these fine young adults worked to further their education in law enforcement and assist the public in any event or situation. Also with Frank being Sheriff The county doesn't have a good relationship with outside agencys outside Miami County such as KHP due to conflicts from the past. These need to be addressed and fixed because every dept should be on the same "TEAM" their all in it for the same reason... I mean Those who still know what Integrity and Principles in todays Job and society mean. "Frank is supported by the fine police chiefs of Miami County. Don't forget, Smail hired a child molester. Stiles hired a thief. WOW!" Also if you recall a case in 2009 of a Jailer by the name of Dennis Roberts who mistreated inmates and had resigned as soon as the investigation began in 2009.


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