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8/1/2012 21:21:53
by Jason Conrad

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Why should we vote for Kelly?

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I would like to meet some of these idiots who are just throwing their vote to Kelly. A man who has time and time again been called out on his ethical issues while being our sheriff. A man who refuses to speak to the public. But people like Debbie Craig who says on facebook that she will vote for Kelly even though he wonít be interviewed. Bob was interviewed and gave his reason why he should be voted sheriff. But Kelly hides and an idiot like Craig says ďoh wellĒ heís still has my vote.
I have spoken to many people close to Kelly and they say just about everything that is being said is very true. The sexual relationship with the girl in the cemetery, the fact that he allowed his kids to terrorize the county and even getting them out of trouble with Paola PD when Matt was always stealing beer. All this smoke being said about Kelly must be considered when voting for a person who is in law enforcement.
Oh I have seen some complaints about Bob but there are no specific stories. I read heís two faced, but nothing saying why. If thatís all it takes for people in Miami County not to vote for a person, I say Kelly is a terrorist. There it must be true.
Bob has even complained that his yard signs have been stolen and yet Kellyís signs are turning up in every vacant lot, foreclosed home and every home that no one is residing in. I donít know how many signs of Bobís I have seen at one place just to see them gone the next day. But Paola PD, Osawatomie and the Sheriff's department won't do anything to stop the thefts. Oh yeh, that's right. Smail and Stiles support Kelly.
I even see Wendy Early spouting off at the mouth about Bob. Bad mouthing Bob because he has plans to better the department like not allowing her husband to bilk the county out of so much overtime. I couldnít believe this when I was told her husband made over 90 thousand dollars one year. But Kelly says at the forum he wished he could hire more deputies. And the forum is on youtube if you donít believe me. Check it out yourself. Donít be a moron like Craig and believe what Kelly tells you. With that much money being paid to one deputy why canít you hire more deputies Mr. Kelly? There is one lie Kelly has been caught in. But many of his followers will ignore.
I have talked to Bob at the fair but canít find Kelly anywhere. Oh I saw him at their command van but he didnít want to talk to anyone. I would like to know why the patrol cars are equipped with push bumpers. Bob said he was getting rid of them, so why does Kelly feel they are needed. Why are other area departments saying asking for help from the Miami County Sheriffís department is a waste of time. Why are people saying you donít get along with the Highway Patrol? Yet another lie Kelly has been caught in.
Kelly is a piece of shit who thinks he is entitled to be sheriff. And with people like Debbie Craig and Wendy Early voting for a person who hasnít given this county a reason to vote for him, itís no wonder why he thinks heís entitled.


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