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8/2/2012 01:07:30
by gcastino

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Back at Jason "the moron" Conrad

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You are a total moron "Jason" and proved it on your post. First off I walked by the command center ( NOT the commend van...get it RIGHT) several times at the fair and noticed Frank constantly talking to the public. Did you stand there 24/7 every day of the fair? NO, so your comment shows what an IDIOT YOU are! All you can talk about is "frank and some girl in a cemetery", can't you find something else to say? Re: his son who "terrorized" the county...wake up, read the paper, he did his time! Re: Matt, I personally don't know what happened, that was the past, the present matters! You can't accept the TRUTH about what an idiot Bob was at the forum! You might NEED to review it on you-tube yourself! I was at the forum, and Bob had nothing to add much less change for the Sheriff's Office. He looked like a total ass and many citizens around me said the same thing! All he could talk about was how he was going to reinstate the programs that are already in place and have been for many years. Thank God there are deputies that will work overtime to make our county SAFE dumb shit! How many companies do you know that can keep staffing 365 days a year without change, sickness etc...oh wait, you probably are not even working and my taxes pay for you!
Oh and I am sure Frank is missing signs too, Bob isn't that special. I also know that someone woke up and had everyone's signs in their yard....meaning Bob's and Franks in case you couldn't understand. If signs are how Bob thinks he is going to win, he has another thing coming.
Oh, and you said Frank is a "terrorist"....you need to go back to school or look up the word! You don't even know what the word means!
Everyone has a right to vote for who they want. The best man WILL win!!!


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