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8/2/2012 17:45:27
by Jason Conrad

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Back at Kelly's love buddy

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Mr. gcastino, You have shown your a total idiot. Are you a complete Jackwad that loves Kelly that much. Do you bend over for Kelly when he demands. Your love for Kelly is admirable but sick.

First you Kelly sperm drinker, It's a van not a center. A center is a stationary place that can not be driven to another location. A van has wheels and can move. Therefore it's not a center. So you get it right DICK!

I see you forgot to mention why Kelly has placed his signs in places without the permission of the homeowners or banks. If Kelly has lost some signs, that should stop. But maybe they were taken because Kelly didn't have the owners permission.

Also, I see banging some tramp in a cemetary is no big deal to you. Kelly was on duty and supposed to be patroling the city and looking for trouble, NOT ASS! I wouldn't care of Kelly was at home and on break but he was thinking of himself not the officers he was on duty with and who were relying on him of they needed his help.

I also see that you forgive him for his kids actions even though he was fully aware they were stealing and instead of being a dad, he pulled some strings and nothing was done. That was until his little thief son got caught.

As for deputies working overtime I have nothing against that at all. But let me say, you stupid cum bubble, Kelly said he didn't have the money to hire more deputies. So which is it, he doesn't have the money to hire more deputies but can pay a Sergeant over 90 grand a year or he has the money but won't hire more deputies because he pays Sergeants 90 grand a year.

I watched the forum with an open mind. You watched it with an open hand reaching out to Kelly. You are most likely getting something from Kelly that you will lose if Ward is elected.

So you Kelly soaked cum rag, next time you want to argue, get your face off Kelly's sack and use your fucking head you piss ant.


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