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8/3/2012 00:54:54
by gcastino

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Back at MICO Citizen aka MICO deputy

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You seem to know a lot about the "felony"....you must have been there kneeling behind a headstone...oh wait, you will say you weren't there but believe what someone told you! Until you can PROVE anything there is nothing else to say! Again it is in the so called PAST and NO proof!!! If you have it then SHOW it chicken shit! You were obviously NOT at the forum or were in a coma the whole time...Frank NEVER stopped any applaud for Bob and "if" you were there he had very LITTLE applaud if any! I guess the facts hurt you...DEAL with it! You are RIGHT and ONLY on this dumb ass... I am as you called me "dickless" as I am a female! Obviously you have a mind of a 10 yr old since you can't come up with anything better than I am up his ass so much I am eating "shit nuggets"! You make me laugh and I love exposing you to everyone I know which is far more than you can imagine! No I am NOT up his or anyone's ass, I actually have a mind of my own and speak it clearly! I also have FACTS and EVERYTHING I say is 100% TRUTH as God is MY witness and that is the ONLY one I answer to! Case CLOSED!


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