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8/3/2012 02:00:24
by gcastino

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Bob's puppet " so called Jason Conrad

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First, I will CORRECT YOU... I am NOT a "Mr." much less an "idiot" that is your nature, and I am a female! NO I am NOT up Franks or anyone else's ass like YOU are, I have a mind of my OWN and speak it! What's the matter, did I hit a nerve... I am LAUGHING LOUDLY AT YOU!!! I support who I BELIEVE will make the BEST sheriff it is that simple! You probably can't handle thinking this way as it is TOO HARD for YOU so you have to turn it into something it isn't....ONLY a small minded person like YOU thinks this way!

CORRECTION once again....it is called a COMMAND CENTER you pompous soul! I don't care if it is stationary or not that is what it IS called! But please continue to look like the moron you are!

I do NOT know of any proof about "Kelly" screwing someone in a cemetery...wait, YOU must have been there watching along with MICO citizen!! Unless YOU have PROOF give it up...if YOU have proof show it unless you are a chicken shit too!! If this were true he never would have made sheriff to begin with!

Kelly has not placed signs in any yard without permission, get your story straight! Oh again you must have proof of this so give up the names of people complaining unless again you are assuming and making an ass out of yourself ....the ones taken are possibly kids having nothing better to do on a summer night! NO one has a right to touch anyone else's property.

It is God's way to forgive but you must NOT know God which is very sad. Whatever his kids do he can NOT control. If you had kids you would understand. His son did time! The other I couldn't tell you and I don't care as I am talking about Frank.....You don't have ALL the facts Mr. Know it ALL!

Frank doesn't have control how many deputies he is allowed to hire Mr. You THINK you know everything, commissioners have a lot of control! I am sure you might know one! THANK GOD someone does work long hard hours and puts their life on the line all those hours so we are safe! What are you JEALOUS of this Sergeant's money? You go work your ass off and you might get that pay too! I feel all law enforcement, medics and fire fighters should get paid more than they do! Again, if your brain wasn't so full of hatred and anger you would actually understand they do overtime because they have people leave, quit, get fired, have surgery, and actually go on vacations! Many areas in the work industry do this....oh, I forgot, you more than likely do not work and/or are extremely CLOSE minded!

I get NOTHING from Frank Kelly but again God knows that so you truly don't matter! I again SUPPORT who I FEEL is BEST for the county I LIVE IN...it really is that simple but your little mind can grasp that!

You obviously did NOT listen with open ears....the forum was very easy to see Bob "trying" to look like he wanted to make changes but made himself look like a fool the whole time...so sad actually!

Just so you know, I USED MY HEAD aka BRAIN which you LACK to respond to you. All your sexual innuendos makes you sound like you are a little "frustrated"....maybe you need to see a therapist !


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