Quantcast WeN2K.com/gcastino admits Kelly is unethical

8/3/2012 02:18:22
by MICO Citizen

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gcastino admits Kelly is unethical

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Well, who ever you are, you told Jason that Kelly was at the command vehicle, center or Taj Mahal talking with people. Well that show us that Kelly used the tax payer equipment for personal gain. And don't even try to come up with some lame ass excuse about Kelly not campaining at that time. What he did was illegal and shows that Kelly will do what he wants and people like you don't care. He used the damn vehicle so he wouldn't have to pay for a booth.

And your right, I wasn't there THATS WHY I SAID I SAW THE VIDEO. And the forum video shows Ward did get a great applause that Kelly didn't like. Stop covering for him.

Oh and by the way, I'm not MICO Deputy. Are you taking a page from Dumb Dumb now trying to play the guess the person game.

No, I'm a former friend of Kelly's who knows more about him than you.

Now cook a pie bitch and shut up!


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