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8/4/2012 04:06:04
by gcastino

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WOW....MICO Citizen you have NO clue

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Well, once AGAIN you are showing what your true colors are.....I NEVER said KELLY was "talking about running for Sheriff or talking politics" at, in or around the command center....you are truly a low life trying to point a finger BUT once AGAIN YOU are WRONG! NO personal gain, just doing his job and BTW it is the Sheriff's Office command center, he is the Sheriff...DUH!!! He goes to many functions, nothing new BUT good try...LMAO!!! He doesn't "NEED" a booth as people KNOW who he is!

No dumb ass, the point I am MAKING is YOU weren't even LISTENING to the forum whether you were there or watching a video, you are so ridiculous I ALMOST feel sorry for you....you really are a poor LOST soul! NO covering needed! I will NEVER cover for anyone! UNLIKE YOU that is YOUR style! You almost sound JEALOUS of FRANK...of course you will DENY it BUT the amount of ANGER you have shows it!!

If you are so PROUD of who you are why hide, SHOW YOUR TRUE SELF and STOP hiding behind this "MICO Citizen". Oh, and don't use my words and turn this around, TRY to have a mind of your OWN!

Actually, I have known him for MORE years than YOU ever could have! Get over it....

Naughty Naughty little man....now do you feel like a real man telling me to cook a pie "bitch" and "shut up"....I am so NOT impressed with you or your comments. It just shows you have NO class and your mama did a POOR job of raising you! Find someone else who cares and will listen to a pitiful soul like YOURS.....try finding God , you might be amazed how your life will change! I will pray for you!!


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