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10/6/2012 13:16:30
by Herbert

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To wen2k.com.
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The Sheriff of Miami County Kansas and the Majority of the Deputies belong to The Knights Of Columbus. I have been called a SPIC and have witnessed Black's being called Niggers. Yet you side with these bigots and are removing my post for expressing my views and opinions of what they did and have done? You don't respect Admendment One. I did not call him a Nigger. I referenced their actions and their views and that they approach people of color in those racist regards. Herbert West 3rd, American Indian!!!!

Member 'Herbert':

The decision to remove your post was largely due to the fact that you used quotations around the word "nigger"...as if to suggest someone used this word in a notable, newsworthy comment (which was also not clarified in your originally referenced post). Had this been the case - your post would not be considered for removal. Being that the use of the word had no relavance to your post or any notable, public post/story/case, etc. (no quotable source revealed) it is due to be removed.

THIS post (where you also use the words "nigger" and "spic") will not be removed because you have revealed/reported that you, yourself, were called the word "spic"...and that you have heard individuals called the word "nigger" by Miami County Kansas representatives. We consider this to be a newsworthy report.

*As a sidenote - we find your claim "the Sheriff of Miami County Kansas and the Majority of the Deputies belong to The Knights Of Columbus" (a Catholic fraternal service organization) to be interesting. Perhaps you meant The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan? THIS (if you can back up the claim) would be VERY interesting and pertinent to the people of your county and also has nationwide relavance...as it may reflect similar situations in other counties within the US. Perhaps you can elaborate for our members and viewers.

We hope you understand our decision.

Thank you!

WeN2K Team!


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