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11/9/2012 13:44:20
by Herbert

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Lets see what happened.

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File: [5433-2]Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Sheriff 2012_ Index of Information for my Campaign as Candidate for Sheriff, 2012.htm

I feel the Miami County Election was rigged. lets see if I am correct. If you voted in Miami County Kansas and wish to send me a letter stating, your name, your address, that you was a Registered Voter and how you voted for Sheriff and County Clerk, either voting for them or you wrote my name in, please send me this letter and will forward these numbers to my Lawyer. Read my updates on my campaign website please. Herbert West 3rd. I never closed out my campaign appoitnment of treasurers. Don't send me any money, just a letter stating how you voted for Sheriff and or County Clerk.


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