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11/11/2012 01:59:38
by LadyMadonnah

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Benghazi coverup, partially washed away by Sandy & Election Results,Witnesses Bounced,Treason protected

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PV30:12 There is a type of people clean in their own view, but not cleansed from their filth. 13 There is a type of people - how haughty their look! -utterly supercilious! 14 There is a type of people whose teeth are like swords, yes, their fangs are knives; they devour the poor from the earth, the needy from humankind.

Obama as their Messiahhas a hard core group, a cult of supporter/promoters coordinated his campaign to cultivate votes among the dem/libs, the media, lib entertainers,college students, minorities, the disgruntled, the ignorant, the malcontents, some poor, some receiving entitlements [not all as many poor & disabled still supported Romney],votes for vodka parties, votes for pizza parties, false information given out to gain women's votes concerning birth control & abortion issues, TV smear campaign against Romney in targeted high population areas, strategic planning on campaigning where the most voters were so that rural votes wouldn't matter with electoral college [ie.Pa most counties voted Romney but Phili had more voters so all electoral votes went for Obama, likewise in Ohio & most other states] Those that voted for Obama,many interviewed were clueless about domestic & foreign policies & didn't know about Benghazi.Those who did know -didn't care~! The combination of all these little factions added up to about 1/2 the US population so that he told them to go out and 'vote for Revenge" and they did~ He had them convinced that he is their messiah and those who receive entitlements have him to thank and owe him their votes, including many unions that benefited from the bailouts~ so he covered quite a spectrum of the population, all who had something personal to gain by supporting him while they unwittingly sold out America~! Now his plan is in place with little ways to oppose him as he continues on his agenda to destroy America. His gullible followers are brainwashed and wont even listen when anyone tries to reason with them as they are unreasonable, violent and still clueless~

Of course, this is not true. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice flatly blamed the anti-Islamic YouTube video in appearances on national television. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland also strongly hinted the video was to blame, although in retrospect she was very clever with her use of the word "conclusion" when first asked about the motivations behind the attack on Sept. 13: "[We don't draw conclusions ... That said, obviously, there are plenty of people around the region citing this disgusting video as something that has been motivating."

The disingenuous nature of the State Department pales next to the tall tales served up on this topic by President Obama and his White House staff. Whatever their motives, they picked up the ball days after the attack and ran with the falsehood that spontaneous anger over a ridiculous YouTube video had torched off demonstrations and violence -- coincidentally, on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. As we have mentioned before in this space, the Daily Beast's Eli Lake has reported credibly that the White House knew the Benghazi consulate had been attacked by al Qaeda and even had a suspect list in hand within 24 hours of the attack.

Wednesday's hearing made clear that official negligence had increased the terrorists' likelihood of success. Personnel at the consulate in Benghazi were well-aware that the situation was extremely dangerous. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, cited two recent, less successful strikes on the same U.S. consulate, as well as an attempt on the life of the British ambassador in Benghazi. The diplomatic staff's repeated requests for additional security were denied by a State Department official who had never even been to Libya. Still, the State Department was aware enough of the danger to give employees in the consulate a hazard-pay increase.

Democrats on the Oversight committee did not acquit themselves well in the hearing, which was intended to explore what went wrong and how to prevent such attacks in the future. Even before it began, Democrats tried to divert attention from the administration with partisan attacks, blaming Republicans in Congress for cutting embassy security funding SEmD even though the cuts came with 149 Democratic "yes" votes.

Obama will have to do better than that in his next two debates against rival Mitt Romney. This issue will come up, and if Obama continues with the evasions before an audience of tens of millions, voters may well turn him out of office. It looks like it's going to take an election to get the truth out of our president about how and why one of his appointees was murdered by terrorists.



Obama using hurricane to help coverup & win election?

Gallup suspended polling during storm, as Obama went back to White House to look 'presidential' and like he was in command to deal with the storm. Romney on the other hand started to raise relief for storm victims rather than campaign, and was criticized as using storm to gain more support, yet as a candidate,he had no control over govt relief efforts which for the time being are part of Obama's real job~

Playing Commander in Chief during storm

And Obama's rank and file supporters say they see clearly that the storm helped the president.

Obama looking good for pledging support after storm

Michael Brown, aka "Brownie," the former FEMA director who did a "heckuva" job seven years ago during Hurricane Katrina, thinks President Obama was premature to react to a looming Hurricane Sandy with a press conference on Sunday, a full day before the storm made landfall. Brown says that could've caused some residents to get complacent and "blow off" warnings. "[The president] wants to get ahead of it," Brown speculated. Good guess! Brown then linked Obama's Sandy response with that surrounding the attacks in Benghazi, and wondered why the response this time was so quick. "At some point, somebody's going to ask that question," he said. And it looks like a guy with a poor grasp of two different situations was the first to ask it.

Obama gave storm warning out too soon which helps coverup Benghazi but raises new questions

Father of murdered Seal Glen Woods was on Fox TV when story of Sandy was coming out. Mr. Woods acknowledged he didn’t know but he took the hint and claimed that Hillary Clinton “had the nerve to lie to me.”
Leftist Dem media coverage of course had to take the facts, put on a spin and try to make Mr.Hannity look bad so as to make Benghazi look like an unfair witch hunt and to dismiss Mr.Woods~
Leftists downplay Benghazi to promote Obama

Sean Hannitys continuing coverage into the Benghazi attack~

As Hurricane Sandy Pounds U.S., Hannity Trots Out Dead SEAL’s Family To Attack Obama Over Benghazi

Leftists smear Hannity about Benghazi

House investigators asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to testify next week about the September 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, but she declined citing a scheduling conflict.
What was Hillary's predisposition about Benghazi? Well go back in time a moment to when Gaddafi was captured, tortured, dragged through the streets and then killed. Look at her reaction worldwide at the time in this video that went worldwide the same day he was murdered~

WE CAME WE SAW HE DIED - which outraged the world concerning her gloating over Gaddafi's murder!

The Truth behind Gaddafi's murder
Submitted by LibertyBaby on Thu, 10/20/2011 - 13:12

  Daily Paul Liberty Forum

You all know better by now than to believe The U.S. News Media, the U.S. State Department, The CIA, The Pentagon, and The President of the U.S.

Libya was not a "dictatorship" in the traditional sense, and Momar Gaddafi was not the evil rogue portrayed by Western propaganda.

If fact, he was a hero. Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar Plan and Libya’s Public Central Bank would have changed the monetary system and freed all of Africa from the Private Central Bank System. Ultimately, it might possibly have freed the NATO host nations from their own parasites – Vampire Private Central Banks.

Gaddafi’s courage and pioneering efforts in trying to restore national sovereignty and making the government responsible to the people instead of to the Global Banking Elites is the reason why he was targeted and killed.

NATO terrorist attacks will not get the Western nations out of debt – only an honest Public Central Bank – like the attempted Bank of Libya – would.

But guess what? With Gaddafi now out-of-the-way, the IMF and The World Bank have moved in to Libya, and have reestablished their control and dominance there. And (black man) Obama was the ringleader in the effort to reassert the impoverishment of Africa.

There will be no independence, and there will be no freedom.

The only way for a Country to be Sovereign is to have sovereign control of its money.

The Bankers (and their corruption) won again!
Unlike the propaganda we in America were fed about Gaddafi, millions worldwide, albeit mostly muslims, loved him and saw him as a progressive leader who while he did kill many, had given many more modern welfare state that made Libya far more advanced than other African nations and it was Libyan gold and oil that was part of the Euro and American dollar values.

Gaddafi planned to mint Libyan money which would have undermined the economies in both Europe and America which gave the White House more of a reason to have him assassinated.Libya has NO national deficit or debts, owes no one or nation, unlike our $16T debt in the US.

When Qadaffi was still alive, the US sent in Chris Stevens to work with the underground opposition rebels that seized and killed Qadaffi [why so many there hated Stevens and sought revenge, making it odd to make him later the Ambassador yet provided inadequate protection for him once he was promoted & sent back, making it seem more he was sent as a lamb to the slaughter or a scapegoat, a political martyr and payment for Hillary's gloat when she negotiated to get Syrian rebels arms from the former Qadaffi Supporters,needing their help since the US could not directly arm the Syrian rebels~! She needed a go between and in order to arrange the deal needed to repay her gloat and Stevens needed to be more important so she promoted him to Ambassador first and then sent him over there like a dressed thanksgiving turkey waiting to be devoured! They picked at him little by little over the months preceding the 9/11 massacre!

It was speculated that he would have been kidnapped to exchange for
Abu Hamza al Masri , the one armed terrorist recently extradited from England to stand trial in US Fed courts but instead was used to send a statement to America that Al-Quaeda and related terror groups were alive and well in Libya and not afraid to strike out at American targets. BTW the US has had to buy [$16,000] new bionic hands for him to eat & wipe his butt while awaiting trial and prosecution since his 'claws' are lethal weapons!

Instead we got a new 9/11 Terror attack on American soil abroad and 4 Americans massacred - 2 at least by local terrorists and 2 by either or friendly fire so they could not return to testify to Congress about the White House's refusal to send in help. Instead the White House planned to use the video "Innocence Of Muslims" as the pretext for all the attacks and even went as far as paying $70,000 to put TV ads in the Middle East to apologize for the video while the blood was still running out warm in our freshly slaughtered Americans! The insult continued when their bodies were returned and their families present, not being allowed to see the bodies, but worse that Hillary again spoke and blamed the video and promised only to punish the video creator, who had absolutely nothing to do with Benghazi. The White House attempted for 2 weeks to say it was the video and probably even had a deal with some in the Middle East to stage the riots to lend false credibility to their coverup attempts.

Now that the Storm has passed and Obama has won oir rather 'fixed' his re-election, the coverup has to be completed.Obama strategists did their homework well, even brilliantly as they cultivated sections of society that by themselves were considered insignificant~!

It has already been made public that the Innocence of Muslims video had nothing to do with the attacks. Bit by bit more info surfaces daily along with proof such as those in Benghazi had repeatedly begged for help and that the White House saw in real time what was happening and just simply let it happen and Obama went on to Las Vegas for a night on the town with his supporters before the election~

Now that the elections are done and Obama has secured his cultic control over 1/2 the population that cries for its entitlements ~ PROV 30:15 The leech has two daughters; they cry, "Give! Give!" Three things are never satisfied; four never say, "Enough!" ~ All the gimmies were rounded up and collectively, the Republicans missed that so many could overpower middle American white votes.While not one of the groups alone could have caused Obama to win - his stategist first found who would be most likely to vote for Obama and where they lived and then targetted the larger populations to run smear campaign on Romney and ignored white America, not caring about issues or current events.

Instead he targeted the disgruntled, the minorities, the naiive, the gullible, the gays, the pro-abortionists, pro-choice, feminists, indebted college students, the ignorant, the poor, the unions, the dems, the libs, the media, the entertainers - telling them they would lose benefits if Romney won~ the disabled putting fear in them not to vote for him, those on food stamps [as though they owed it to him!] Then as they gained more of the crumbs of society,they didnt need the white vote and the more Romney campaigned and disclosed plans, Obama was able to take anything Romney said and twist it into a spin to gain even more support from his naiive followers.The mainstream media was pro-Obama and covered his butt against Romney as well so what ended up happening was that city areas were tilted for Obama. Voter fraud had some more to do with it and voter intimidation kept some from voting. Having a plan with absentee ballots for military in Afghanistan helped him too as most military supported Romney.Still as far as strategy went, Axelrod was brilliant, although deviant and some say 'evil' and this was indeed the dirtiest campaign in history~!

Romney played nice - a clean campaign - great plans for economic recovery, plans for job training and bringing business to America, replacing the obamacare with a plan that would not have penalized those without insurance and would not hurt the medical industry and provide better healthcare for all through competitive privatization which would have worked~!! Still Obama kept smearing Romney and managed to keep his crumbs united to blow America's mind the morning after the election. Sanity lost and insanity reigns.

Prov 30:21 Three things make the earth quake, four things it can't bear - 22 a slave who becomes king, a boor gorged with food, 23 a hated [wife] when her husband takes her [back], and a slave-girl who inherits from her mistress.

Obscure but prophetic is this old testament verse~ Three things make the earth quake - refers to types of times of trouble that the earth recovers from whether storm, war, famines etc. Under four it can not bear up~ refers to a fourth element to which the earth can not recover from. Some 4th element is hidden in the passages. They go back far into the lineage of Ishmael and even further back to the lineage of Ham and going back further to Cain~!! This is a blood lineage of the Anti-Christ to come and of the false religion that wil be the counter to the Israelites and the Christians.That is the lineage of Islam that claims Abraham as their father through the slave-girl who inherits from her mistress [Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham to bear him a son, his first born,Ishmael] because she doubted she could conceive in her old age.God blessed Hagar & Ishmael as they returned to Egypt [ a hated wife when her husband takes her back] since God's promise to Abraham was to be through Sarah, a son born named Isaac who began Isael with his 12 sons who formed the 12 tribes and later were enslaved 400 yrs in Egypt as punishment for their sins~ but meanwhile Ishmael also had 12 sons and they also formed 12 tribes and grew into a mighty population, albeit he was a wild donkey of a man always at odds with his brothers - as we are told - but God told him they would also be as the sands of the sea~ later down his line, Islam was born, the complete opposite and competitive to Israel seeking to claim the promise of the first born and virtually take the kingdom of heaven by force since they wanted the promise of God - which to them was Israel's land - Jerusalem. The promise however pertained to the bloodline lineage of Jesus Christ the messiah and salvation for all who believe in Him.
Still Islam seeks to force God's acceptance and Hagar had made her alliance back with satan in Egypt, fostering hatred into her son Ishmael and his descendents to come that boggle the minds of most people that anyone can hold an ancient grudge as they do~!

I have included this info because of the 4th element requirements that would indicate the beginning of end times and the rise of the AntiChrist, there have been numerous times in history where people thought leaders were the AntiChrist that included : Atilla the Hun, Hitler, Musselini, Saddam Hussein, the Pope and some called Obama the antichrist~

Well of the crew mentioned, Obama their Messiahwas the only one with world power that was born of islamic blood - yet has claimed in front of most to be a christian by choice. He has however cultivated relationships with the islamic world and has snubbed Israel increasingly. Many can cite that he has done things that mean he may be a precursor or forefunner to the rise of whoever is going to run the world in the new world order, while others think he is the messiah he is looking more like an antichrist. It should be noted that muslims are allowed to lie to non-muslims in order to conquer, subdue or convert them. So some say he is really a muslim pretending to be christian.

At the DNC he was portrayed as the son of God and fulfillment of scriptures and called the Annointed One and their Messiah~!! Ludicrous but it happened and supporters had made signs saying If Jesus came back they would kill him again~!

What I am focusing on is his toxic treatment of America and socialist agenda that is drawing us into becoming a third world country in that he is also planning on reducing our nuclear warheads from 5000 to 1500 and has the Pentagon working on a plan to further reduce them to 300.Currently our military power is more than all the other countries nuclear warheads combined which enables us to prevent them from using theirs.This power will not be effective with only 300 warheads and reduced military. His own books written years ago talk about our colonialism in Africa and other places and his contempt for it as he is an anti-colonist and claimed he will stand with his muslim brothers should the winds change and they now are!~

Obama also has been continuing with the development of HAARP which can steer or control weather patterns and storms for military use on other countries but scientist who resigned warned once the jet stream is altered that it could not be controlled, as stated back when Katrina hit the coast~! Now it appears rather than controlling the weather they have developed ways to 'steer' and 'enhance' storms that are already existing and it is now being investigated that Hurricane Sandy, being a 'perfect storm' had an upper level high over Greenland that prevented it from going out to sea and steered it into the East Coast~ which some say was his October Surprise and helped him to delay Benghazi and win the elections. Had he not won the elections the new president would have had a bigger mess to clean up upon taking office. Now it falls back on Obama regardless, since he won and new continued storms, Athena and 2 earthquakes in BC on the west coast along with Bruno causing early blizzards in the North West one can only speculate til more proof is provided.There is one scientist who took all the radar coverage of Sandy and found evidence of chem-trails and other things that are conducive to being HAARP induced .The United Nations had already made a treaty concerning weather related warfare as the threat of its usage is real although its been relegated to a conspiracy theory and ignored by many in the US although some blame Katrina and Haiti on HAARP as well.
Strange things did show up on radar that this scientist so far is the only one to explain. So whether or not Obama caused this, the effects he needed were obtained, he won the election. The same scientist noted some activity over Venezuela and pointed it out as well as some activity in the Gulf , both of which could have helped at least in theory to push the storm northwards and then the Upper level high over Greenland pushed it westward and other unexplained spots in the storm caused it to grow wider and stronger so that a mere Cat 1 grew to 1500 miles wide,slammed the East Coast and traveled cross country and even affected the Great Lakes as far as Chicago unlike any storm in history, so maybe there is some truth about HAARP~!

IF Obama had given Benghazi up as a sacrifice to obtain Libyan arms for the Syrian rebels, this may turn out to be treason and so he would have to cover it up and he has been eliminating those who could testify against him.
Hillary Clinton will no longer be Sec of State and has already declined testifying and once out of office can not be compelled to give classified info.Same with Patraeus, head of CIA now forced to resign under scandal of an adulterous affair, just before he was due to give testimony about Benghazi~!

Whats next? Comical Explanation cloaked with some truth as to how Obama won election


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