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11/15/2012 02:32:34
by LadyMadonnah

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Aggressive Honest Reliable Criminal Defense Attorney desperately needed for Tioga County Court,Wellsoboro Pa., Case involves State Police corruption

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Intimidation, Malicious Prosecution & State Police Corruption & Judicial Misconduct involved:

I was targeted by Pa State Trooper Kim Bedell, who wanted me to do undercover work to help him to make a big drug bust, I declined to participate in something that had nothing to do with me.

I was already enlisted to go into the US Marines, on 03/05/2009 I was stopped for passing a car doing 55 in a 65 zone, my speed was 72mph.

I was stopped and then coerced into be searched.

I had forgotten about a glass pipe that had been given to me a day or so earlier from an old acquaintance.

I saw no significance to his 'find', but was told it was enough to detain me and I was taken to the Mansfield State Police barracks a few miles away on Rte 6 and held til evening arraignment at Mansfield District Court before Judge Carlson.

I was more concerned at the time with the 72mph speeding ticket and possible points on my driver record.I didnt know that they were going to try and make a bigger deal about the little glass pipe.
I was never charged with the speeding however they did charge me with possession of a glass pipe as drug paraphenalia.

I was told that this could be used against me to get a fine up to $2500~ and would be going to jail unless I was willing to help them by being an undercover agent for them in some drug sting they were trying to set up with someone from out of state!

I was told that I could help them or they could make my life hell. They said the charges could be made to disappear or that they can add more charges and make me go away a long time~!

While I was being held, Tpr. Kim Bedell took another trooper went to my residence, not knowing my mother and brother were there.

They entered her house without any warrant or invitation and were standing in the living room snooping when my mother walked in from her bedroom and she called my brother downstairs and asked them what they were there for.

My mother thought they were there to inform her of an accident concerning me and was frightened by them as they wouldn't tell her what happened to me but that it concerned me.

Once they informed her and my brother that I was being held at the barracks and that I had been stopped doing 72mph on the highway they said they needed to search the house. My brother told them that since I stayed only in the living room and slept on the couch that they could search my living area but not his room nor my mothers room. Initially Bedell seemed satisfied but there was nothing in the room to which he could have held against me so he wanted to search further.

When he told my brother that he was holding me also for a glass pipe my brother told him that he used glass pipes and a dremel to make unique electric lamps that sell on ebay.Bedell asked if my brother had any such pipes and he said yes as he planned on trying to make lamps for sale of them.Bedell asked to see some and my brother agreed and said he would go get them whem Bedell then drew his gun on my brother and said he wanted to go search my brother's room.My brother informed him that the mother pitbull and her daughter were in there watching TV and that he didnt want Bedell to go up there without him going first as he was uncertain how the dogs would react to a stranger coming in the room.

Kim Bedell drew his gun and said he was going to search the room and that any dog that posed a threat he would shoot and not be responsible for.

My brother protested and told them to get a warrant, so KimBeddell then handcuffed my older brother, toldf him and my mother to remain seated on the couch and said he had enough information to go get a warrant and instructed the other trooper to stand guard over them while he went to get a warrant.

They were held 3 hours at gunpoint til Trooper Bedell obtained a warrant from Mansfield District Court and returned with more troopers, after falsifying his probable cause to District Judge Carlson. They tore my mother's house apart and had kept my older brother in handcuffs the entire time with no provocation.

House was searched with no drug or pot results and no further charges were made.

 Bedell told my mother that I was going to jail for the pipe and there was no reason for her to go to the prelimary hearing being held that evening at Mansfield District Judge Carlsons office.

She called the District Court and did appear and District Judge Carlson released me to my mother.

Kim Bedell again made threats outside of court that he wanted me to do under cover work for him or he would see to it that I never get into the Marines and that he would find a way to put me away.My mother told him that I was going into the Marines and not going to do any undercover work for him as I also told him the same.She witnessed his threats to me.

I was told by first assigned atty that car & body search was illegal and she would make motion to suppress and then dismiss but we were to waive first judge and go to next level. Basis of them stopping me was supposedly for doing 72mph which I may have as I passed the other car but then resumed 65mph and did this within sight of the parked state trooper on Rte 15.

Since I was driving a camaro he decided to stop me and then to try and use me for a drug sting he wanted to do while assigned in Mansfield. He said he needed a local that would be believable to be used in a drug sting he wanted me to set up with some out of state dealer.

I told him I was not interested in any such activity as my father had just passed away and I enlisted in the US Marines as a result since my dad was laid to rest in Arlington Natl Cemetery and wanted me to koin the military as he had done when he was young.

I already had taken my ASVAP tests and was awaiting my high school diploma and my recruiter said I could go in as soon as they received it. I was going to be an M28 Combat artist and looked forward to doing it as I am an artist and this would have been a great opportunity for me to serve our country and to get college courses to advance my art career.

Trooper Bedell said unless I help him with his other case, he would see to it that I never get to go into the Marines. [He has apparently kept that promise~]

I was scheduled to appear at the 'Tioga County Court'. There I met a new lawyer who informed me/us that he replaced the first lawyer and that the court was 'continued' til next month. His name is Coolidge and he is part of the notorious Wellsboro Click~

We asked why Coolidge couldnt do what the other lawyer had told us and he said he doesn't operate that way.

I never saw Judge Dalton, but every time we [mother & I] showed up for court ,it was 'continued' month after month, as the same offer to do under cover work was mentioned each time and I refused.

My right to a fair and speedy trial were repeatedly delayed .

I was not able to get another job anywhere because of the slanderous public charges made which the State Police also leaked to the press that my mothers house was a 'known drug house' [which was totally false] and that charges were pending, so every place I had gone to for employment turned me down as I was blacklisted by the Pa State Police.

By Nov 2011 after several months of postponements, I agreed to plead to the misdemeanor pipe charge and was told it would be 30 days and $500 fine as a misdemeanor and that once paid I could go into the Marines.

Instead after accepting the DA 's plead agreement,
Judge Dalton accepted the guilty plea but
rejected the DA agreement and
changed sentence to 1 year probation and $1000 fine and
my name was published as a drug related crime,
impeding me from getting employment at several more jobs.

During course of my probation I was to call in regularly to my PO and be available to them . When I would call I always got a recorded message and rarely got a direct answer.

A friend of mine and I had entered an agreement to open a second hand shop on Rte 15 which was to be called "wheeling in them deals" and another friend who owned a business in Mansfield was financing the endeavor as we did the repairs on the shop and went to the area auction shops and picked up merchandice to be sold there. It was right on Rte 15 near Tioga Junction and we were planning a grand opening when I was suddenly picked up and placed in jail for 21 days for allegedly failing to report to the Probation officer assigned to me.This was before I was ever brought before Judge Dalton and tried .

I was picked up a total 3x and jailed for 21 days the first time and then a 1 week the second time and later after the mock trial where all that was entered was my plea, another 54 days in the fall of 2010.

Each time I had been locked up was with never seeing the judge and only released after my mother contacted the defense atty assigned and released next day.
Each time they claimed I failed to call them yet I did make all required calls but they went into their answering machines and I never received any calls back.

Furthermore I never received any credit for time served which should have been applied against my remaining fine. I was in jail a total of 87 days during the course of my probation.
I should have been credited $870 against my $1,000 fine~
Mr Coolidge was part of the notorious Wellsboro Click so he would not file for me.

Once my probation finally ended in 2010, my mother began looking to move out of the county and then bought a house in another county and we all moved there 4/23/2011

We all hoped that moving to a new county would enable me to gain employment and be able to pay off the remainder of the fine and be done with Tioga County.

On 4/23/2011, during the unloading of the truck, I fell and had to be life flighted to Hamot Medical Center in Erie for severe head trauma,uncontrollable seizures and a shattered should requiring multiple surgeries.

Because of the seizures I am no longer able to drive and my license is currently medically suspended until I receive clearance from a neurosurgeon. I also have temporary bolts in my shoulder that need to be removed and have my ligaments and tendons reattached, so I have very limited use of that shoulder and can do no weigh bearing or lifting with it.This makes me medically disabled and unable to work. I continue to reside with my mother and brother at her home in Elk County, 3-4 hours away from Wellsboro and only road there is a 2 lane through the mountains and weather conditions often make the ride longer than GPS suggests which should be 2 1/2 hours in good weather.

My mother sent in a total of $65 towards my fine in Sept 2011 to the Probation Dept since I had been unable to pay since my accident.
They were annoyed that she sent in so many $5 payments but she made them as she was could.

They filed a new petition to the court to bring me back in for failure to pay the balance of my fine.

I was ordered back into court October/Nov 2011 for not completing the payments.

Since my accident and disability 4/23/2011, Judge Dalton asked how I would pay and I told him that I had a pending disability claim that would grant me $197 a month and that once I received it I would apply it to my fine. He accepted it and my mother paid $100 that day and I was released.

Judge Dalton was satisfied to let me go home.
The DA was angry with the decision and made it clear to the court they wanted to see me in their jail.
I do fear that if I am placed there, that harm will come to me.

Whenmy mother paid Probation the $100 agreed to that day, she requested a compliance letter from the Probation Dept so that my disability claim could be processed.

They refused to supply the letter 'stating that it was only taking from one agency to pay another' and that since the judge 'didnt order them' to do it that they were allowed to refuse.

This made the burden fall on my mother, who is on Social Security disability and has all the household bills to pay, so became a new hardship as she struggled to make payments of my fines and her bills .

1 Month later the DA office filed a totally new, but false claim predating the original charges by 3 months falsely claiming that on 12/15/08 claiming that I allegedly sold 4 pain pills to an undercover cop at my house for $28 and have charged me with 2 felonies and 1 misdemeanor in relation to this alleged sate nearly 3 yrs after it allegedly happened.

The DA has no real evidence of this as it was all fabricated as a plot against me originating from Trooper Bedell, that had stopped me on 03/05/09 for speeding [which was never charged] instead I was charged for the pipe and told me that if I didnt do undercover work for him he would see to it that I never would be able to go into the Marines .

Bedell had to be the one who fabricated the phoney story and placed a note in my file, creating that predated false event of 12/15/08, that when he left that department later on, it was subsequently found and read by the trooper that replaced him in that department some 3 yrs later!

They decided to file charges in Nov 2011 AFTER Judge Dalton let me return home with my mother.
They are determined to put me in jail and ruin whats left of my reputation!
All because I wouldnt be part of their undercover drug scheme which had nothing ever to do with me.

I have challenged this false accusation and will vigorously defend against it as it never happened!

I was warranted to go to Judge Carlson and when there with my mother and the new lawyer assigned again said the charges were weak and would be dismissed.

The DAs office then insisted she recuse herself from the case as she had been a previous employee of the DA office at the alleged time of the incident. She promised she could get us an out of county attorney as she was able to see that there were inproprieties concerning our case that she was not allowed to discuss.

The DA also insisted that Judge Carlson NOT dismiss and was to remand the case to Judge Dalton.

The sympathetic look on Judge Carlson's face and his friendly demeanor showed us that he was being forced into compliance and when we left he wished us the best of luck.

When going to Tioga County Court, before Judge Dalton, I was assigned another defense atty, Cox, who was located right in Wellsboro, thus breaking the promise of the previous attorney that was to get me an out of the country atty.

Cox said the DA didnt want to go to trial with jury and offered me a generous misdemeanor again for this and would drop the felony charge if I agreed to plead guilty to selling 4 pills to an undercover agent ~!

This whole story was a lie.I never sold any pills to anyone ever in my life~!

Seemed this time they were playing hard ball and I never got to see the Judge.

Again the postponements began, while they sought to wear me down to accept their fabricated plea, using the same method as before only this time the charges were totally false.

This never happened as I never sold any pills to anyone my entire life!!

I refused to take the DAs plea agreement against my newly assigned atty' Cox' advice.

He said he had little trial experience and felt it better to take the plea.
He was not providing any defense for me and said it would be easier for all concerned to take the plea.

I have spoken to many attorneys by phone and told their case was so weak that it could be easily fought and won and that I would have grounds for suing them all afterwards on a variety of charges.

I have sought another attorney many times but each time have lacked the funds up front as a downpayment to engage.I need a payment plan and my mother is willing to place her home up as collateral as she does own it free and clear.

The last time I went to court 11/14/2012

There were extenuating weather conditions that caused me to be 3 minutes late for jury selection.
We had a 50 mile mountainous ride over snow and icy roads from the snow that had been falling overnight. We left earlier than usual to compensate for the anticipated road conditions.
It took us almost 4 hours to drive to court during the night as they kept scheduling my case for 9am each time, fully knowing the distance we had to travel.We had requested later morning or afternoon appearances but were denied. At 8:35 we were at Coudersport so I called Cox and told him we would be there about 9:15am or close to it, due to inclement icy road conditions and traffic, I was 3 minutes late beyond the 15 minute window for appearing in court.He told us to hurry as fast as we could and we did.

I was greeted at the Court Adminstrator's window by Probation officers and handcuffed and taken away and told the Judge was angry and revoked my bail.

They said they were going to put me in jail for 120 days before I could see the judge and that I would also be charged with the other 2 felonies and whatever miscellaneous charges they could add, send me to jail for 12 or more years ~ unless ~ I plead guilty to misdemeanor charges immediately.

Under this duress and coercion, I reluctantly felt forced to sign their paperwork which included a questionnaire, that I am supposed to tell the judge that I have received a fair and speedy trial and that my lawyer gave me good representation and that I was not forced into this plea~!!!

The only thing I would be guilty of is perjuring myself by admitting to a crime I did not commit and to be praising this corrupt DA and lawyer~!

It was the only way however to be released.

Now my sentencing hearing is scheduled for Dec 17th 2012 at 9am


I need to fire my assigned defense atty for being in collusion with district atty, by not informing the Judge as to the extenuating circumstances necessitating the courts indulgence that I would be a few minutes late.

I arrived 9:18am which was only 3 minutes passed the usual 15 min wait time.I had called my lawyer at 8:35 so he could have told the judge but instead colluded with the DA and set me up for arrest when I arrived.

The entire scenario was calculated and predetermined and the leverage they now used was cuffing me and stating my bail was revoked and I was facing the next 12 years in jail for something they know I never did.

All this is supposed to be over the sale of 4 pain pills, which I never would have had any access to nor ever use. I do not like pills for anything.I rarely take ibuprofen. Even after my accident I rarely took any medication and didnt renew any meds prescribed to me.

I want to recant this forced agreement and go to trial by jury.

I need an honest aggressive and motivated atty that is not part of the notorious Wellsboro Click~

I do have evidence of my innocence and they do not have any physical evidence of my guilt which was why they didnt want jury trial as I would have been found not guilty.

My mother and brother who were also witnesses that the very date of the event claimed by the District Atty was falsified, as they both live home retired and disabled so were home the day in question and that I was in fact at work that day they fabricated the charges against me.

On 12/15/08 I was still working at Marks Bros from 1pm -10:30pm My mother and brother were home all day and eve and my mother drove me to work and came to pick me up. Our house was decorated for Christmas with a large tree in the SW corner living room next to the TV and one couch at the time.

After my father died,on 01/28/09 , his books and bookshelves were sent to us and my brother assembled the bookcases the last week of Feb 2009 and they were placed where the Christmas tree & TV had been .

I mention this because when the State Police fabricated these new charges, their undercover agent testified according to the description of the living room how it was arranged in March of 2009 ~!

The setting for his supposed drug buy of 12/15/08 ~ as he alleged ~ he testified that I went to the 'book cases and gave him 4 pills' and he had another person with him that took the pills and they supposedly left.
the book cases didnt exist in that room on 12/15/08. The Christmas tree & TV were where he claimed the bookcases were~! He lied under oath~!

When at my arraignment before Judge Carlson, my first assigned atty did question this undercover cop who gave the wrong description of the room and since he was claiming the pills came off the bookcases, it was clear that the story was fabricated[ since the bookcases were not assembled and placed there until Feb 2009].

With this irrefutable evidence, along with the fact that both my mother and brother being disabled are always home unless at doctors appt. but one is always there, that the claim by the undercover cop that I was there alone at 5:30- 5:50 pm for this phoney deal, was all fabricated.He also stated my mother was not there nor was my brother and that I was laying on a couch. This is all not true as I was at work and both my mother and brother were home that day.

We remember more of that month than others as it was the month before my dad died.Had it been another month we might not have been able to remember our activities. It was one of my last full time jobs so I had a routine there and worked every Monday and was off on Tues & Weds. I also worked overtime that week so instead of coming in at 2pm I came in at 1pm each day.My boss was able to provide proof of my pay that week which included overtime but has not kept time stamped accounts as it is a small business and we each would sign a slip each day that was given to the acct and once the hours were tallied that became the only part of the permanent records kept.

That was a traumatic month as we received news that without a kidney transplant my dad was soon going to die so both me and my brother had offered to be typed and matched and were willing donors. My brother had contacted Dr. Dy who said they can do transplants at Hershey Medical up to 70 years old which could buy time for my dad. We were trying to get this arranged and he wanted to wait til after New Years. We talked to him every day and he said he was still okay and could wait til after the holidays however we were trying to remain ready to go to Washington any time he told us to come since he was living in Arlington Va across the Potomac at the time. He was planning on coming a while and then moving to Camp Pendelton with my sister and her husband.

My mother is disabled and rarely goes out. She is found on the internet all the time and she was able to produce evidence of her online activity for that day that proves she was home and even had a receipt for Walmart in her paypal acct with a time stamp showing she was there right after dropping me off at work at 1pm.She had further timestamped activity on her auction an paypal sites so was able to recreate proof of her activity that it was certainly at home which further refutes the undercover cops testimony.

My brother was also home that day on his computer and taking care of a new litter of puppies, which made it necessary for him to remain home, as he has several pitbulls and never leaves them alone.

I also would like to file charges against all involved once I am exonerated. My family would help me to pay any costs but we need a payment plan. My mother said she would be willing to put her house up as collateral as she owns it outright.

Please if there is some one there with integrity and will defend me honestly and help expose this malicious prosecution based on principal and justice, please contact me.

Kyle [814]-596-5196 or email me at [email protected]


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