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12/7/2012 13:20:30
by Herbert

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Lets reflect here, again!!!!

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3 Deputies have to restrain one 15 year old kid. He does have a ball bat. He had already thrown the pic axe and it was out of the fight. It was under the Patrol Car on the passenger side. He would have to have thrown it at the Deputy while the door was shut and the Deputy was in the Patrol Car. As the Deputy exited the Patrol Car the kid still had a ball bat. The two Deputies would have confronted the kid and the SGT, Sgt. Schulte would have also approached the kid. 3 trained Deputies, and Sgt Schulte with Military Training could not tackle a 15 year old kid? Bull Shit!!! Was the kid wrong? Yes!!!! Again, Miami County has has multiple situations where the Deputies have been shot at, attacked and never returned fire. Yet 3 of these dumbasses cannot tackle a kid? Typical lazy dangerous Bull Shit. I know for a fact that they learn hand to hand at the academy. It is required. Sgt. Schulte learned Combat Judo in Boot Camp. I have a Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu Combat Judo as well as a Black Belt in Doctor Jigoro Kano's Judo. I collect Self defense Instructor books and videos. I know what the Military learns in hand to hand in regards to Judo and Combat Judo. They also incorporate some Aikido. I have a 2nd degree Black Belt book in Aikido. Again, this was just a lazy bull shit attack by the Deputies. Yes the kid was wrong. No he should not have been shot. I have attached the news article praising a Sgt. for shooting a 15 year old kid. Hell, Deputy Mitzner was shot by a suspect, the suspect was not shot and the Deputy was fired by Sheriff Kelly. The same asshole praising Schulte. That is lame ass shit. Oh yea, I still don't like Mitzner and he doesn't like me. But facts are facts.
I also added a link to my Candidate for Sheriff's website. It has some back ground on this story. Herbert West 3rd. "Conscience Observer". I have a Conscience, I Observed, I spoke out.


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