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12/10/2012 13:06:41
by Herbert

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Mike Hunt????

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1. Schulte was not in Iraq in 2008. He was here when I ran for Sheriff in 2008.
2. Williams was in training to become a Sgt. because Minckley moved up to Under Sheriff. Williams was then promoted, and started watching the registered offenders in Miami County. To include you, Paul Michael Davis. Then he got demoted and Talcott took over the registered offenders.
3. Williams got to slide through because of his mother. Carol Williams. She is the director of the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission. Yea Williams shot the 15 year old kid and Schulte lied!!!!
4. The case has been Ex Parte'd. They excluded the party from a fair trial.
5. I spoke with the Military and they are looking at Schulte's deployment record and at the whole situation.
6. I am forming a PAC to raise funds to defend the 15 year old, and to get the case into Federal District Court do to the State and local Organized Crime Actions thus far. Their is not Statute of Limitations, and Double Jeopardy doesn't apply.
7. The only concern I have with the Chiefs players case is the Trust Fund being manipulated by Clark Hunt. That is all on that.
8. District Attorney, David Miller, is transfering all the cases to Topeka to remove Elizabeth from handling the cases. She is an objective, fair and honest attorney. He doesn't want her to look at these cases. The commissioners and Lyle Wobkers complaint, my complaints, and this shooting. I will speak with Elizabeth when she inagurates in January. Until then, stay in touch. Keep providing evidence. I know alot more than what I said here.
9. Oh yea, wonder if the other 49 States have noticed the the Lottery is only won in Casey's General Stores??? I know they are looking at that.
Herbert West 3rd.


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